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Star of David Light Bridge (Image by Lauren Fox)


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Venus has spent the last 13 days infused with the Light Bridge that is the High Way to awakened Unity consciousness. This Light Bridge (polarity between planets and 5D planets) has been in full effect for months now, and has been visited by Mars, Mercury the Sun, the Moon and now Venus, making this the first time in human consciousness that the lower four body system has been completely transmuted by these higher frequencies. Venus comes together in a new cycle (conjunction) with Uranus today and effectively ends this transfusion of Light energies.










Since Venus entered this Light Bridge a second Light Bridge has been generated, and like the first Bridge is being visited first by Mars (the physical body), followed very shortly by the Sun and Moon) the Spiritual body, then Mercury (the mental body) and finally Venus (the emotional body). This Light Bridge, Mars in polarity with Saturn, Ixion and Quaoar, is transmuting the frequencies of our world and introducing a new infrastructure, starting with the physical.
Who isn’t experiencing a major change on the physical level in your life? Whatever it looks like, or feels like to you, know that it is the beginning of a brand new framework for your existence. When things are reborn, they generally have to ‘die’ first. Let go of whatever is leaving your life, and hold the open-hearted, open minded space for the new.
The new is already upon you, even if you can’t make it out. Resist the temptation to identify it before it is revealed. Resist the need to understand what is happening to you, because that can only recreate the old, and believe me, that is the last thing you want. You are here to witness the emergence of your own creation… the one you manifested originally.
It’s been a long time and many lifetimes since that creation of yours was birthed. Each lifetime has produced another step toward this moment, and you have all but forgotten what it is and how it feels. But it is your creation, and all that is needed now is your willingness to trust your Self. (There’s the rub, isn’t it?) You can do this, you know how.
Today the Sun manifests with Jupiter, activating one of the Star of David’s paths, just as the Sun begins to make its way into the second Light Bridge.. When the Moon is full, on June 9, the Sun and Moon will effectively move into the Light Bridge that is generating the new infrastructure, and the Sun will spend about a week infusing that Bridge with its energies, transforming our consciousness around the new paradigm that is emerging.
Mercury will get there on June 18 for a few days, followed by Ceres, who will hold that Light Bridge wide open until July 9. Ceres is the midwife who will effectively birth the new structure that is manifesting and being transmuted into workable new energies right now.
Venus will bring up the rear, generating the Light Bridge directly from the heart from July 21 – 29. What a summer. At that point the Gemini portion of the Star Of David will dissipate and we will be left with a partial ring of sextiles, still very creative and powerful, but not the same energies as a Star of David.
Still, with the Gemini energies off the table, the balancing of the male/female Self will begin to focalize as a central theme. August is the month of the reunification of the Divine Feminine, and once she is fully emerged, the balancing process must begin.
We have our work cut out for us this summer, and its all about watching the show, and living the energies. Meanwhile, back to today, the Venus Uranus new cycle is a major part of the Star of David, and it marks the beginning of Venus’ journey from one Light Bridge (completing today) the the other (beginning July 19). Stay tuned to your heart and watch what happens….
Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Venus Uranus new cycle, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Aries 28  A wreath of laurel placed on the head of an old man

                He has always been entirely intent upon finishing what he has begun. He could go back eons to find where it really started. But what he’s concerned with is where it ends. He has agreed before birth to this time around fulfill his potential, enact the total dimension of his true being. And he cannot get out of it. No matter what he tries to do, no matter how far the tangents and rebellions, he is committed to his course of action.
               ” While he waits, while he moves into and through all the preparatory stages, he is burning to be recognized, to be granted his ultimate place in the sun. It is when somebody sees him that the false impressions of the multitude are countered by a guiding action, a monitoring, a sense of being on the right course, regardless of how it sometimes seems when you are still raw and unformed.
                As he matures, he becomes a different character altogether. He is getting close to that final mark. He carries such weight of passionate conviction that he does draw all the recognition’s he needs. And he is sensing so close at hand the point of mastery, the place of power, the fruition of inner truth.
                When he looks back, he will see a tortuous course, eluding so many barriers and obstacles. Yet when he looks forward, the horizon is unclouded, the direction firm and clear.
                Along his endless pathway, he has learned so much. Each day, he keeps on discovering, exploring, coming to new places. Life is such an adventure.
                This end will turn out to be a new beginning. Destiny fulfills itself and awakens on the next spiral. When momentum is going your way, there is no place to stop.”
“Behold, I make all things new.”
– Jesus 


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