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Light Bridge Star of David (Image by Lauren Fox)


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Despite the fact that it’s Sunday, this is one colossal day… at least at the higher levels of our consciousness it is, and for more and more of us, there’s not much of a difference anymore between the physical 3D experience and the hgher 5D realm. Not to say they aren’t completely unique to themselves, but we are here to move with great fluidity between the two realms for as long as we remain in physical form, and this is one of those days when it gets a whole lot more possible to learn how to do just that.













There are a bunch more aspects today, but these four or five say it all. What’s happening here, for the most part, is MARS making a full and totally infused connection with Saturn, Ixion and Quaoar. Actually, Mars has been involved with Saturn and Ixion all week, and the physical infrastructure of our lives has been altered pretty radically. Today Mars comes into an exact polarity with Quaoar, while Saturn and Ixion come together exactly for the second of three conjunctions. This Light Bridge couldn’t be more lit up.
Today’s Mars/Quaoar Bridge promises to take all of us who are ready to a whole new realm. The very ground we walk on should shift in some very obvious ways. When we consider all the ways the physical is represented in this world, the body, the home, the land, material things, nature, and so on and so forth, it becomes clear that the new world will be introduced to each and every one of us in our own unique way.
You might move your home or lose it. You might start a new health agenda or begin to deal with a physical imbalance. You may fall in love with nature or be deprived of something in the outside world you are accustomed to.. Whatever happens, two things are true: You won’t see it coming, at least not in the form it comes, and it’s all for your highest good, no matter what it looks like.
Now that Mars is completing his connection with the Light Bridge of New Infrastructure, the Sun and Moon will take over to infuse our spiritual body with a new infrasructure of its own. Venus, representing the heart and the emotional body, is just leaving her infusion with the Light Bridge that delivers us to awakened Unity Consciousness. The heart too has been through a major awakeneing these past two weeks and will now move on toward the second Light Bridge, though she won’t arrive there for around another month.
That leaves Mercury, who is somewhere in between the two Light Bridges at the moment, but he is very busy today as well, coming together in a new cycle with Sedna, the Librarian, the record keeper whose main function is to restore and resurrect the Divine Feminine. News comes today that relates to this process, though with all the polarization that is taking place, it is vital to understand what we learn may be polarizing in this moment.
Not to worry, it’s all the same and will ultimately deliver us all back to a healthy, whole feminine experience. What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Saturn Ixion conjunction, marking a turning point in the manifesting of the new infrastructure of our new world, followed by the meditation for the Mercury Sedna new cycle, both reprinted with the author’s permission from his amazing book Star Sparks: (Are you ready for this??)

  Sagittarius 26:   Climbing the steps of the Pyramid of the Sun.

                “The prenatal resolve to take the karmic journey all the way through this time. The intensive commitment to resolve all remaining dilemmas, to quicken every place of constriction, and to get on with the infinite possibility that is calling so urgently and brightly.
                An extraordinarily capable and rugged stream. The veteran of just about every conceivable past glory and past defeat returns resiliently to command a whole new vision in an unfolding new world. All it takes is 100% wakeful presence within one’s immediate and very real predicament. This involves coming up against each errant fragment and being asked to be done with them now.
                A higher power is at work here. This power pulls the soul heavenward. It draws forth an essential capability. Yet there is so much work to do to complete what has been begun. So there are these cycles within cycles which cannot be rushed through and prove to be arduous, rigorous, consuming all there to take up progressively.
                An interior splendor is dawning, is seeking to emerge, is already apparent. This provides a leverage, a momentum, a scope and a passion. Every bit of it is vitally needed for all of us to benefit from this one.
                Ultimately, this is a universal portal, open to the future, alive to every bright and wondrous spark that can get us where we’re going. It is a selfless frequency which involves a whole lot of self along the way.
                The intent is pure and deep. The awareness is acute and on the mark. The only thing is to stay with it very sharply and know all things are coming true.”
Stay with it very sharply and know all things are coming True!

Taurus 27:  A man sculpting hedges into animal forms.

               “ He is adept. What he sees is earth as raw material asking the completion of human imagination and ingenuity. He is acutely aware that if he can step up the frequency or vibration of whatever he touches, he can turn it toward it’s greater nature and bring it into the way it was intended to be in the vaster design.
                His craft, his act, his methods are multiple, ranging across quite a spectrum of ways to fulfill what is held inside. Almost everything in life ends up suggesting and evolving the same theme of take it further by how you perceive it and by how you reflect it.
                Because this is a matter of skill and of application, he will tend to do lots of preparing and getting himself to the place where he can be sure of his sensibility coming into form in faithful reproduction of how it really is inside. He can spend a lifetime getting ready, making sure, being on with the fine tuning of his gifts.
                Yet he is able at any point to do whatever he sees can be done. He is equipped to jump right out of his cautious approach when something arises which he has to meet and momentarily forget that he is supposed to be just working on these things. The joke is that he has very little to learn and is quite complete within himself in a manner which can only come from previous life times of working on himself in an advanced fashion.
                His foremost expression is his own character, his own presence, his own example. What he bears for the world is a vision, a knack for selecting what is essential to work on, to transmute, to stay with. And he is fortunate enough to be graced with whatever resource or whatever level will support and sustain this pivotal fruition. If he lets it happen, there can stream through him a highly original, yet deep-rooted and timeless embodied expression of what we are like when we are masters of beauty.”


“What’s difficult in life is to stay centered when somebody does or says something that tempts us to close our hearts because their heart was closed. That is hard. But that is also how we grow. We go through those circumstances in order to evolve into people who can hold to our loving center no matter what the world throws us.”

– Marianne Williamson

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