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Light Bridge Star of David (Image by Lauren Fox)


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From Dublin: 
I hope you are all feeling the powerful energies that are permeating the planet right now. We are setting up for the Sun’s infusion into the High Way (Light bridge) of newly manifesting Infrastructure. This will bring the amazing events that are transforming our world fully into our consciousness. The Star of David continues to grace our cosmos, reflecting what is taking place within each and every one of us.


The Star of David is preparing us for the full rememberment of the Divine Feminine Self, which in turn will deliver us to the proper masculine/feminine balance that is required for ascension. One of the first things that we will realize when this balance is achieved is the Merkaba Light Vehicle that is a part of our existence here.
This Light Vehicle holds our male/female balance in the appropriate way so that we are capable of time travel, space travel, all kinds of travel directly from our consciousness. It seems to me that the discovery of Quaoar IS the reflection of our new capacity to move worlds with our thoughts. Quaoar is the product or the True state, more appropriately, of our mental operating system.
Once we move past the fear based, ego oriented lower mind, the higher mind, the Christed Self is capable of original thought and the manifestation of an entirely new world. It is also capable of connecting with other worlds, all of which are one with our consciousness.
Does that make sense? The more we perceive the more can comprehend our own consciousness. There is nothing else. Only what comes from our own Mind/Heart matrix. The Mind/Heart is the same thing as the Male/Female balance. The more we achieve it the more we can See. The more we can See the more we can allow our Selves the experience of the new world.
And hopefully, eventually, we will realize that we are creating it as we go. For many of us these are words. They make sense, but we have not yet fully lived them. That’s because in order to do so, we must ALLOW our Selves the experience. It has to be surrendered to, not understood prematurely. The need to understand what we’re doing before we do it has kept us tied to the earth for centuries. In fact it has been the main creator of the illusion of time. Suspend the need to understand and allow your Self the experience of this moment and you will know so much more than you ever have.
You will realize you are finding what has been there all along. It was just the ACT of looking for the reason that has prevented the Knowing of it.
Stay tuned to you standing on the Light Bridge. Either one will do, or try both at the same time.

“Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious.”

– Carl Jung