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Light Bridge Star of David (Image by Lauren Fox)


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 What do you think of this? 

This is the sacred geometry of the Prema Pranahuti, the symbol that awakens you upon seeing it. The sacred geometry, we have learned here in Dublin this week, produces the shift we need to move our consciousness into the next dimension of perception. The geometry that exists in absolutely everything here provides the power to perceive what we are looking at with a much deeper, much clearer awareness.


For example, the little cup at the bottom of the sacred symbol in the center of this ‘shifted’ tetrahedron, is the result of realizing the polarity that exists between to opposite points. Take the circle…


The two points on either side of this endless loop are opposites. At the moment when we perceive the line that connects these two points we recognize the power of polarity.
The polarity is an awakened perspective on the opposition, and when we find that perspective, the endless loop is no more. It is now a cup, which can hold all the abundance in existence, and manifest anything that is needed.


Now that you perceive the multidimensional meaning of this ‘symbol’, you can’t unsee it. It becomes a new consciousness, and the same is true for everything in this physical world.


Derek referred to this newer perception as the ’90 degree shift’. He actually took 3D representations of the platonic solids and turned them 90 degrees. Now the difference wasn’t obvious. They looked exactly the same, but even so, it was obvious that something life altering was happening.
Every platonic symbol has a meaning. Those meanings are used in logos and sales pitches everywhere by people who know and understand their power. When we grasp these symbols we can see the world very differently, and realize what is going on from a much more awakened perspective.
I am sure this is the very beginning of being able to work with the new mental operating system. Please take some time to contemplate this and I will keep sharing what is being revealed to me as we go. Welcome to the 5D world.
Even here, ESPECIALLY here, you are all there is. Stay tuned to you.


“Do not try to become anything. Do not make yourself into anything. Do not be a meditater. Do not become enlightened. When you sit, let it be. When you walk, let it be. Grasp at nothing. Resist nothing.”

~Ajahn Chah