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From Dublin: 
If you thought last week was filled with transformation you’re not going to believe this one. The next few days see the major infusion of Mercury into the two existing Light Bridges, followed by the ingress (entry) of The Sun and Mercury into Cancer, the Summer Solstice, and the Cancer New Moon on Friday. That New Moon is accompanied by an out of bounds Mercury (who slips outside the ecliptic this Wednesday) AND the out of bounds Mars, who is a little further away but still within range of the Cancer event A world axis new Moon (and a world axis Sun Mercury superior conjunction) with out of bounds Mind/Body rulers. WOW!








There’s no telling where all of this will take us… It’s best to let it manifest, without too much planning and preparation, especially at the mental level. All the transmutation we have been through and continue to go through is going to produce a new reality, IF we can allow it, without introducing or REintroducing older, more habitual reactions.
When you consider it, we’d be reacting to things we don’t really fully realize, presuming or worse pretending we do, which can’t take us anywhere new or exciting. This is a moment for new and exciting, and positively everything that’s happening is conspiring to deliver us a new world.
Mercury, infused with the transmutational Light Bridges as the week begins, delivers us to new and original thought. Jut to clarify, original thought is not new… it is FROM the BEGINNING, it is pure, and it has been unavailable to us for centuries. New thought, ALSO available, is unlike anything we’re accustomed to, and must be ALLOWED.
Allowing ANYTHING is a heart thing. That means the mind and hear must be combined and working together in a new way to produce new thought, which in turn delivers us to original mind. What an exciting journey.
Later in the week the Sun enters Cancer (Summer Solstice) with Mercury right behind. Mercury slips out of bounds on Wednesday for a few weeks and joins Mars, presiding over our physical experience.. taking the mind/body connection to all new levels.
The Sun and Mercury come together in a superior conjunction, followed on Friday by the Cancer New Moon. All new beginnings. Our newness needs to be nurtured and cared for, much like a newborn baby. Interestingly, as Mercury leaves the Light Bridge that is reflecting the new infrastructure of the new world, Ceres moves into that same position and takes up the important work of resurrection of the original.
And most importantly of all, ALL of this is conscious to us now. We are well aware of the amazing transformation that is taking place in this world and it is by far the most exciting journey ever.
Stay tuned to you.

“Stay at the center of the circle and let all things take their course.” – Lao Tzu