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Venus and Mercury infused with the infrastructure Light Bridge (Image by Lauren Fox)


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There doesn’t seem to be any let up in the energies as July gets underway. Venus, Mercury and Mars have very actively been infusing our lower four body system into the Light Bridges and the Star of David that is ongoing through to the end of this month.  It’s quite fitting that this month starts off with a 1:1 Star Gate, opening new doorways that deliver us to paths less traveled. At this point, I’m sure many of us are totally ready for an uncharted path. In a way, that’s what the last 6 or 7 years have been all about. We could not be more prepared for this series of roads that deliver us directly to the new world.








There are two MAJOR planetary events today, Chiron’s retrograde station and the Venus Sedna new cycle that officially kicks off the ultimate reunification of the divine feminine Self. It’s fairly easy to see how well the Chiron station fits into all this. Alignment is what it’s all about. And with Chiron in Pisces (which is the sign it is foreign in, aka the sign of its detriment), there is so much to balance and glean from experiencing the alignment process within the limitless realm.
If we can stay out of our heads and remain centered in our hearts, there is SO much that can be unveiled and realized through this retrograde journey. Chiron stations on the world axis, at 29 Pisces, which means first and foremost that we are all going through this wholing process as one. The 29th degree is also the master degree, meaning it contains the fullness of the Piscean consciousness and thus the opportunity to master all that it represents.
The Venus Sedna new cycle brings an entirely new set of realizations and perspectives on the Divine Feminine Self. A new cycle is an interesting thing, because it FEELS new, yet the unprecedented matters it brings are rarely perceptible at this inception moment. The Truth is, though, life will never be the same after today, and all the shifts that happen now will become more and more recognizable as we get on with the cycle.
Chiron and Venus/Sedna are in a resource (3D sextile) with each other, and with all the other resources in effect right now courtesy of the Star of David, this adds more magic and creative energy to the mix. If you have any planets or important points in your birth chart at 27 – 29 Libra, there is an important YOD available to you now. That is, you can focus some very significant creative energies through the planet in your chart that forms the Finger of God, provided you consciously choose the road less traveled that becomes available to you now.
Here are Ellias Lonsdale’s meditations for both the Chiron Station and the Venus Sedna New cycle, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Pisces 29:   Balinese dancers wearing elaborate gold costumes. (Chiron’s station)

               “ Fantastic display of color, form, and movement. Highly accomplished invocation of deity, of the infinite, of that which surpasses understanding. A feeling for worlds beyond and a great desire to show how those greater worlds come through into this one very fully across a vast spectrum of possible expressions, done just as directed by the gods themselves.
                A stirring panorama of special effects, of brilliant technique. Yet none of this is sensed as really the point. We are seeking to form a second vessel and to make it hardy and rightful and expressive for all who meet it. And the interior focus lies in the inspiration, the infusion, the call to be one of those who reveals the mysteries in just the way they are intended to come forth.
                A torturous willingness to go through anything and everything it takes. Extended cycles of getting it right. A fabulous devotion to craft. An insatiable need to feel that we are preciously enacting the great infinite way in this moment in such a pageantry that it cannot be missed or cast aside.
                Bizarre depths of absorption in the code of the warrior. The karmic warrior seeks to unveil what was hidden, serve in ultimate ways, and be here where it counts. The need is felt to bring these ancient timeless ways into this world now without betraying their essence or their substance.
                A  fine-tuned, hyper-sensitized nature. A sense of being witnessed by so many beings. A call to allow beauty and truth to merge and commingle with this one’s own special talents. And more than anything else, the vow to hold the pattern sacred and not let the gods down.”

Taurus 27:  A man sculpting hedges into animal forms. (The Venus Sedna New Cycle):

                “He is adept. What he sees is earth as raw material asking the completion of human imagination and ingenuity. He is acutely aware that if he can step up the frequency or vibration of whatever he touches, he can turn it toward it’s greater nature and bring it into the way it was intended to be in the vaster design.
                His craft, his act, his methods are multiple, ranging across quite a spectrum of ways to fulfill what is held inside. Almost everything in life ends up suggesting and evolving the same theme of take it further by how you perceive it and by how you reflect it.
                Because this is a matter of skill and of application, he will tend to do lots of preparing and getting himself to the place where he can be sure of his sensibility coming into form in faithful reproduction of how it really is inside. He can spend a lifetime getting ready, making sure, being on with the fine tuning of his gifts.
                Yet he is able at any point to do whatever he sees can be done. He is equipped to jump right out of his cautious approach when something arises which he has to meet and momentarily forget that he is supposed to be just working on these things. The joke is that he has very little to learn and is quite complete within himself in a manner which can only come from previous life times of working on himself in an advanced fashion.
                His foremost expression is his own character, his own presence, his own example. What he bears for the world is a vision, a knack for selecting what is essential to work on, to transmute, to stay with. And he is fortunate enough to be graced with whatever resource or whatever level will support and sustain this pivotal fruition. If he lets it happen, there can stream through him a highly original, yet deep-rooted and timeless embodied expression of what we are like when we are masters of beauty.”


“Male and female represent the two sides of the great radical dualism. But in fact they are perpetually passing into one another. Fluid hardens to solid, solid rushes to fluid. There is no wholly masculine man, no purely feminine woman.”
– Margaret Fuller


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