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The Star of David continues to grace our lives and its precious and pristine transmutational codes and keys have been downloaded and fully received by each and every one of us. From here, Now they must be locked in and grounded into our new physicality, and that is what this month is all about. The lower body rulers are infusing with the Star of David on a continual basis, making all kinds of aspects to each other, adding dimension to the sacred geometry of the Star, and ultimately coming back into the fold of one or the other of the points on the Light Bridges (or the Moon’s Nodes), for the ultimate in alignment and as Shelly pointed out recently, surrender.










As you can see, there are plenty of aspects today, and lately there are connections being made from the lower body planets to the 5D planets pretty regularly, which is why we are experiencing such phenomenal movement. Today features a Mars Pluto bridge, which is a life altering energy for the awakened ones. All the physical transmutation we’ve just been through has the option to find resurrection now. To take it all to another level, or to move on to another chapter.
Additionally, to the point I mentioned above about personal planets interacting with the 5D planets in multidimensional ways, Mercury forms an intersection (formerly T-square) with Eris and Haumea, and the new mental operating system provides a new road to travel while we stand on the High Way to awakened unity consciousness.
Those intersections are made for multidimensional travel. That is, stand at the center of the Light Bridge (in your mind/heart’s eye) and send your consciousness down all three roads at the same time. That is go left, go right and go straight ahead. There is nothing to stop you from moving in all three directions at once… not any more. Do some traveling and allow your heart to tell you where you prefer to be, and reconvene in wholeness there.
We are making our way, very surely, to a humongous worm hole, which opens on July 23 with the first of two Leo new Moons. The communion of Mercury and Mars with Sirius this past week brought the Lion’s Gate into view, at least in our Mind’s eye. It will be upon us before we know it, and this year it will coincide with the eclipses that take place in the middle of the worm hole. Please stay tuned for much more on this phenomenal summertime transformation.
I wanted to address a comment I received from Sonreya yesterday:
“I invite us to let go of the old, fear-based idea that a planet can be in detriment in a certain sign. . . But we are recognizing that polarities are really bridges when we are willing to take a quantum perspective of “and” instead of “this or that.” There is no detriment in 5D and beyond.  I am going to start playing with this old idea of planets in detriment and see how they are really much more than we ever could imagine from our self-imposed fear and limitation. I don’t think Chiron is in detriment in Pisces at all. “
I agree that there is no such thing as a planet in detriment any more. We are in 5D now. In Cosmic Consciousness a planet in the sign polar to its native home is called Foreign. It can feel very acutely its distance from home, but polarity does provide the shortcut and brings us to greater Self-Awareness as a result of moving through the process of remembering the polarity and the shortcut.
Granted I cut out a lot of what Sonreya wrote, because I am teaching Cosmic Consciousness, which is the system of the ascended Ones, and while it is clear that she has the awakened consciousness to perceive this Truth so clearly, a lot of the words were still 3D. I  don’t want to confuse anyone, though if you want to read the comment in its entirety, it’s in the comments section. Again, addressing you directly Sonreya, I totally appreciate your perspective and I agree with you whole heartedly. It is my mission, though to do all I can to keep the old language out of the blog.
Additionally, planets in FALL have been reassigned to be on the MASTER PATH, and exaltation, is now Resourceful. All words have so much power. None should be over or under the top. None should induce fear or the idea of very good. Judgment truly has no place in this new Cosmic Consciousness system, any more than it belongs in our thoughts at all.
So thank you, Sonreya, for your thoughts and for providing me with an opportunity to point out more specifically this part of the Cosmic Consciousness system. I have never been more clear that the book has to happen.


“The most important lesson that man can learn from life, is not that there is pain in this world, but that it is possible for him to transmute it into joy.”

~Rabindranath Tagore