Sedna was discovered November 14, 2003, and is currently the most distant body known to orbit our Sun. Sedna is about 1800 km in diameter, which is about one-quarter to three-eighths the size of Pluto. It is at present over 90 Astronomical Units (AU) away from the Sun, 3 times as far as Pluto.
Sedna's physical composition is a bit of a mystery. Orbiting the Sun at an extreme distance, she resides in the coldest known region of our solar system.  Sedna’s mythology states that she is an Inuit goddess who lives at the bottom of the frigid Arctic ocean. One would expect her to be mostly ice but apparently that's not the case. About all that's known at this time is that she is very red (like Mars) and that water and methane ice seem to be absent on her surface.   
Sedna is technically not a dwarf planet. She has been classified as a Galactic Celestial Object, which means that her orbit is greater than 10,000 years long. Her unusually extreme elliptical orbit has a perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) of about 75 AUs and an orbital period that astronomers estimate is between 10,500- 12,000 years. This takes Sedna well beyond the Kuiper Belt. However, she remains well inside the inner edge of the Oort Cloud, a spherical cloud of icy objects that is believed to surround the Sun at around 50,000 Astronomical Units (AU).
When a planet is known to be traveling within our solar system, we have conscious awareness of its presence and can make use of its archetype. Sedna spends only about 400 years of her entire orbital period within the Kuiper Belt. Because she is here now, we are remembering her archetype. As far as we know, once Sedna leaves the Kuiper belt, we will no longer have the capacity to access the energies she represents. Who knows, maybe this time it will be different. Maybe our consciousness will expand enough to be able to remember her wherever she is.  
Sedna is the recordkeeper for all beings throughout all of time. Her presence makes available all the wisdom of the cosmos. It is fully at our disposal, as long as we remain focused on the higher Self. As the outermost planet, Sedna’s energies constantly engage the newest consciousness that becomes available, capturing and recording it, making it accessible to all.
Sedna allows us to plant our Selves in new, superconscious ground. Her very high frequency holds the collective remembrance of the Divine Feminine and all the Wisdom that has been attained throughout the ages expressly for this moment, as we arrive at the capacity to access it. She is the Librarian for the Divine Feminine story.
Sedna has an archetypal essence that is way past the 5D consciousness we are moving into now. We are aware of her, we have located her, and we have named her, which indicates that her essence has been activated within our higher Selves. Sedna holds knowledge of everything that has ever happened anywhere in our universe.
Sedna’s energy is ethereal, not personal. To work with her we must surrender our Selves with total acceptance, without making the need to understand the priority. Sedna allows the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine, holding the space for her and bringing her to life. We are learning to hear, Know and accept the voice of the Feminine Christ as she makes HerSelf known to each of us.
Sedna’s presence signals that humanity is ready for the Divine Feminine connection. That connection has been suppressed and exiled for thousands of years, beginning about 12,000 years ago when Sedna last moved beyond the Kuiper Belt and out of our conscious awareness. We have now reached the point where we are again ready to surrender our defenses and allow her back into our higher consciousness. We are in the process of re-membering the Feminine (bringing her shattered parts together) so that we may once again honor her gifts. This in turn will enable us to integrate and whole that part of our Selves. The wisdom of the Divine Feminine lies in being receptive and observant, allowing our Selves to be guided from within.
Venus has long been known as the classical (3D) dispositor (ruler) of Libra. But in Cosmic Consciousness, Sedna is Libra’s 5D dispositor. In Libra, the masculine and the feminine Self must find the balance that allows for Ascension. Sedna, disposing Libra, brings in the consciousness of the reunified Divine Feminine, making that balance possible.