Written by Stephanie Azaria with Shelly Leal

In Cosmic Consciousness, the planets once referred to as the personal planets actually represent the lower four body system. The Sun and Moon are the generators of each individual’s consciousness here on Earth. For that reason they are known as the Lights. In Cosmic Consciousness, they have domain over, or dispose, the spiritual body.  The Sun and Moon are the most apparent archetypes of duality, in that they produce our experience of day and night, male and female Self, and so much more. They comprise our most personal gateway to the higher Self and all of its vastness. This Higher Self waits, with infinite patience, to be realized and embraced once again.
The other three representatives of the lower four body system, also known as the inner planets, are Mercury, Venus and Mars. Mercury disposes the mental body, Venus refers to the emotional body, and Mars reflects the physical body. These archetypes speak to the essentials of our existence - thought, feeling and action. In the cosmic sense, they provide the ways in which our lower self can find balance and integration to achieve the necessary alignment to awaken and raise our consciousness.
Mind, heart, body and spirit must balance and find harmony with each other for conscious growth to manifest. Like everything else, it is a slow and steady process, not something that happens all at once. Chiron, who ‘appeared’ in the solar system in 1977, has many functions (see Chiron The Rainbow Bridge), but one of his main roles is to serve as our own inner master healer teacher and help us to bring our etheric four body system into this healthy, fully functional alignment.
With respect to the Cosmic Clock, there are four Portals of Truth, which correspond to the World Axis. The World Axis is our connection to the seasons. Every time we experience a season change we cross a Portal of Truth. Each of these portals connects one etheric body with another. They signify where one lower body ends and another begins. These portals exist between Wisdom Signs (mutable) and Power Signs (cardinal). The wisdom gained while traveling from one body is brought to the essence (power) of the next body while we are inside these portals.