Uranus (along with Neptune) can now be considered an ‘inner outer’ planet. With the discovery of all the new Kuiper Belt objects that exist outside Pluto’s orbit, Uranus and Neptune have become the outermost planets of our classical solar system. Hence, they have become the ‘inner outers’.
Discovered by William Herschel on March 13,1781, Uranus was the first planet discovered using a telescope, which at the time was a new technology. It has an orbit of 84 years, changing signs every 7 years. Uranus is the only planet in our solar system that rotates sideways and retrograde on its axis. Because of this slanted revolution, the Uranian axis of rotation is nearly parallel with the plane of the solar system, whereas all the other upright planets have axes that are perpendicular to it.
Uranus’ sideways tilt gives it seasonal changes that are completely unlike those of the other planets. Each season on this planet lasts 21 years. When it nears a solstice, one pole faces the Sun continuously for the entire season while the other faces away. This pole gets around 21 years of continuous sunlight, and at the winter solstice it gets 21 years of uninterrupted darkness. In 2028 Uranus will reach its summer solstice.
In between the summer and winter solstices, the equinoxes occur, each lasting 21 years as well. During these seasons, the days last about 17 hours, and so do the nights. For 21 years the days and nights proceed this way. This is relatively new information, and in typical Uranian fashion it awakens us to a Truth we didn’t see before: Each season on Uranus lasts long enough for the planet to move through three signs. This is a familiar story in Cosmic Consciousness. Each etheric body of the birth chart is made up of three signs, which means that as we humans pass through each quadrant of the Cosmic Clock, Uranus completes a season. There’s a wealth of awakening in that realization.  
Referred to as an ice giant, Uranus is the coldest of any planet. It has 2 sets of very thin, dark colored rings, which were first discovered in 1977 (the same year as Chiron). The only spacecraft that has flown by Uranus to date was the Voyager 2 in 1986.
According to mythology, Uranus was originally the king of the heavens. He was born of Gaia (Earth) as she emerged from the primordial Chaos. The Earth and Uranus are lovers and they produced the 12 Titans (planets) among other offspring. Uranus hated his children. Eventually his youngest son Cronus (Saturn) castrated his father and threw his genitalia into the ocean. This effectively separated the heavens from the Earth. For many centuries Saturn has held the archetypal energy of Father. In very recent years Uranus has reclaimed his rightful status as Father of the heavens, indicating that the physical expression of maleness is no longer an essential aspect of male authority. Saturn is losing his status as the father archetype at this time.
Uranus’ archetype makes us aware of the unconscious nature of our outdated ideas and beliefs, and brings them to our attention. His energies shake us loose from misaligned attachments by showing us the Truth. Whether the experience is very intense and totally unexpected, or a subtler intuitive hit, the effect is the same: we are delivered to our Higher Self. Uranus is the conduit for whatever experience we need in the moment, to take us to the next level of our own consciousness.
We experience awakening when the sudden realization that a situation is unworkable and unsustainable comes into our awareness like a lightning bolt. This awakening is occurring now on a massive scale. If we spiral into fear, we manifest discord, adding to the seeming chaos being expressed. As Lightworkers, we take every jolt of new awareness into our hearts, which holds the consciousness of Love, our deepest truths, and our soul’s purpose.
Uranus is symbolized by lightning, which illuminates in an instantaneous flash.  It lights up the darkness, revealing what has been hidden from view. Lightning shocks with its sudden unexpected energy; our electromagnetic systems respond. Once we See, we cannot go back; we have access to new knowledge and awareness that opens the heart and changes us forever.
We cannot think our way to our heart center. We can only get there by lifting the mind to the observer’s perch, where we silently perceive and listen to the heart’s messages that guide us each step of the way.  
As the higher octave of Mercury, Uranus’ revelations occur at the mental level, taking the mind to a new awakened place. When we are centered in our heart space, and we feel with the mind (another way to describe intuition), we are experiencing a Uranian function.
When our higher minds are quiet and observant, the intuitive channels embedded in the heart can be accessed, opening us to flashes of insight and guidance. This points to the important function that Uranus plays as the bridge between Mercury and Quaoar. Quaoar is a 5D archetype that represents our newfound capacity to manifest the new world through this awakened intuitive function.  
Uranus, as the Great Awakener, has the capacity to put a wrinkle in time; inside one of his lightning flashes that light up the darkness we've been in, it is almost impossible to tell whether it's now, or later, or what. That's because Uranus awakens us to the Higher Self, where time is a NO-thing. With Uranian influence, we begin to realize that time does not exist at all, it is a mental construct, and it belongs to the realm of Saturn and the lower Self, including the lower mind.
Uranian influence is always a bit ahead of itself. The flash of intuitive awareness it provides always moves us into the future just a little, whether we are conscious of it or not.