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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Taurus
  • Moon enters Gemini: 6:45pm
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • SUN ENTERS CANCER: 12:25am

Mercury infused with the Light Bridge of new Infrastructure (Image by Lauren Fox)

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This is one very amazing day that sends us into and entire weekend of major new CREATION energy. The Sun enters Cancer just after midnight and the Solstice is upon us. Mercury follows the Sun into Cancer at around 6am EDT, but first he forms a MAJORLY IMPORTANT Light Bridge with Quaoar, the archetype that facilitates our capacity for original thought. By original I mean the pure and unadulterated KNOWING that began all that is.


The Mercury Quaoar Bridge has been building for a while, (around a week) and we have certainly been feeling it, IF we are able to tune into it. It is subtle but sweeping, doesn’t seem like much but also is life altering, in the sense that it is now pretty much impossible to perceive anything the same way we used to.
No matter what you’re going through right now, no matter how long you’ve been going through it, it’s different now. It’s definitely different emotionally, and you can relate to it completely differently now. You might even notice that the physical aspect of it all is no longer what it was either. Bottom line, it’s all changed, transmuted really, by Mercury, who presides over our new mental operating system and has been deeply engaged in the two Light Bridges that are gracing our Summer skies.
The Sun and Mercury cross the world axis pretty much simultaneously today and that means whatever happens affects us globally. The Sun and Mercury come together today for a superior conjunction, at the first degree of Cancer still world axis.
A superior conjunction happens when the Sun and Mercury come together at the same degree and Mercury is on the far side of the Sun from the Earth. There is a considerable amount of conscious awareness involved in the superior connection as a result.
You may wonder why I don’t call this a new cycle, as that is my term for all 5D conjunctions. The Sun and Mercury have a very special relationship, traveling so closely together as they do. They come together for conjunctions six times a year, three while Mercury is retrograde, three while he is direct. It’s hard to call any one of these conjunctions new cycles, when they happen so regularly, and keep renewing the connection between the conscious Self and the Mental body. No other planet has this kind of major connection to the Sun, and now that Mercury has been upgraded, there is a new consciousness to be realized.
The Mercury Quaoar Bridge helps us to realize what this new connection is all about, and this, together with the superior conjunction today serves the CREATOR New Moon on Friday really well. It informs it and fills with a kind of awareness that is unprecedented and therefore promises to manifest new things.
This new Moon is the MOTHER CREATOR energy, and it kicks off the whole Summer Season. Please join me for my Summer Solstice LIVE Webinar tomorrow night for all the Cosmic Consciousness I have to offer. (Link to register is above).
Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Sun Mercury superior conjunction, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks.

Cancer 1:  A potter at work.

                There is a formative pattern which expresses itself when we can let it through with sensitivity and conscious attunement. It has a voice, a call, a characteristic feel. And when you get in the groove of letting the whole stream into this part, the tension dissolves and spirit reverberates everywhere.
                It’s a craft, a practice, a discipline. And this requires careful cultivation. You need great readiness, a practical skill to set the tone for spirit to do it’s great work here. And all the steps and stages, all the learning and growth are already part of the guided pattern, instrumentally choreographed by those who know.
                Yet once you’re there, it’s so simple, so basic, so commonsensical. You lend yourself to the movement, to the music, to the pulse-beat. Your fingers know. Your whole body bears the resonance.
                So this wants to become a return to what is natural, a restoring of ancient timeless way. It seeks to manifest a remembrance and a rededication. And when these things are forthcoming, they will seem intrinsic, implicit, nothing to think about.
                Deep inside the pattern there is dispassion, a viewpoint far removed from the action carried over from before. There is this cosmic beholding power, this witnessing intelligence.
                Yet the whole movement here is to become as common and accessible as can be. The guided instrumentation is to join forces with the whole of humanity. Then what wants to come through will be basic, popular, obvious, clear, the next place to go.
CREATOR ENERGY indeed! Keep your focus on you.

“If you recognize the emptiness of your thoughts instead of solidifying them, the arising and subsiding of each thought will clarify and strengthen your realization of emptiness.”

~ Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

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