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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Sagittarius: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • 7:7 Star Gate

Star Of David (Image by Lauren Fox)

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As we make our way toward the powerful Capricorn Full Moon on Saturday night/Sunday morning, we can all feel the energies building, and even more importantly, transmuting everything we perceive in our world. (Of course that means we are being transformed from the inside out, and then experiencing those shifts ‘out there’.  If we’re awake enough, we can perceive the ways in which we create the new world, and if now, it won’t be long until we can see that with crystal clarity.








As you can see, both Venus and Mercury make important contact with MakeMake today. MakeMake, the 5D archetype of Divine or Cosmic Law, as well as the Laws of Nature, is one of the very few 5D planets that is currently transiting an early degree of the sign it moves through (Libra). That means it is the FIRST 5D planet (for the moment) that the lower body rulers come into contact with at this time.
Ceres will move into Cancer on Monday, and Varuna will move into Leo on July 24. That will very significantly shift our transmutational experience, making it possible to perceive a new calibration from a very lofty observer’s perspective to BEGIN a process, rather than the end that has provided clarity at the end of these major alignments.
Back to MakeMake and Venus and Mercury today. This is the first time the mind/heart recalibrates with one 5D archetype simultaneously. There’s no need to spell that out, is there? We have reached the point in our evolutionary journey where the mind/heart has come together enough for us to have unified experiences, though these are so new we may not fully recognize them as such quite yet.
When Ceres enters Cancer on Monday, she will be the first 5D planet to interact with the lower body rulers, followed by MakeMake, until July 24 when Varuna will be the first, Ceres next and MakeMake third. This will produce the expereince of clear vision, followed by a birthing into the physical of that vision, followed by an alignment with the realization of the presence of Cosmic Law, or natural law.
As MakeMake’s archetype takes hold in our consciousness, the laws we made up to define our civilization will fall away as needed. Today is a day for realizing the natural way of things, and that perception will peak through everything we engage in now. Because it is so closely associated with the Truth of our original being, it is bound to feel soothing and comfortable.
When is the last time you can say you felt comfortable? The Full Moon in a couple of days is conjunct Pluto, the archetype of rebirth and connection with the invisible realm. This week began with a MARS PLUTO bridge, connecting the physical experience with this major rebirthing process. There’s plenty of letting go on tap, no doubt. The only way to achieve a rebirth is to let go completely of the old.
Stay riveted to you.

“Let us forget with generosity those who cannot love us.”

Pablo Neruda