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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Capricorn: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • 8:8 Star Gate

Star Of David (Image by Lauren Fox)

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All day long we are building toward a Full Moon that promises to produce some very wild energies, as it is conjunct Pluto and in a bridge with the Sun and Mars. The Moon is Full just after midnight, Eastern time, and for the rest in the United States, that Moon reaches its pinnacle tonight. Adding to the over the top changing energies we have Haumea forming an intersection with Mars and Pluto, which is absolutely a blessing in disguise. Haumea keeps the path to Oneness up front and center in the middle of one of the most polarizing moments in the human story. This is it, people, the beginning of the final scene of the old order and the opening scene of the new.










On top of all this, today marks the day when the Ceres/Quaoar Light Bridge becomes exact. It’s not easy to put into words the powerful effects of such a rare Light Bridge. Two 5D archetypes, both at the master degrees (29) of their respective signs (Gemini and Sagittarius), produce a Light filled transmutation the likes of which we would not be able to perceive if it weren’t for the close proximity of Saturn and the recent transits of the Sun, the Moon, Mars, and Mercury. These lower body rulers bring these brand new energies home to us.
We now have been imbued with the capacity to realize, albeit slowly but surely, what the pathway to the new world is about. We won’t be able to understand it, nor should we hope to. It’s about EXPERIENCING it, allowing our Selves the to realize what the new paradigm holds as we consciously and diligently walk the talk.
While we very mindfully master the ego with the brilliant Higher Self, we also come to realize that we are all walking each other home, arms locked, We are not alone. We will never have to feel alone again. We begin the long passage that is marked by the need to hold the space of Love and Light for those who have not yet fully awakened.
It is not our job to wake anyone, only to remain awake. This consciousness is the magnet, and it attracts those who can perceive it, one by one, whenever they are ready. The Summertime ahead is basically a huge worm hole passage that will deliver us to the newest parts of our Selves (aka the new world), while the rest of humanity also get delivered, each soul in her or her own way.
We have two weeks or so until the worm hole opens and activates. Until then, continue allowing the clearing taking place in your life to happen, and be prepared for some bumps along the way. Remember we are together, and the unity makes us stronger than any up or down that can come along.
Please have a look at Anne Harris’ Moon report, (link is up above), and consider registering for my special Worn Hole Webinar, which is set for July 22, the day before the journey begins.


“You are constantly invited to be what you are.”‘

Ralph Waldo Emerson