THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 11/21/16

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channeloftheweekSEISMIC AWAKENINGS¬†–

For this transmission, and ALL transmissions, please KNOW this… you needn’t understand a single word for the transmission to have full impact within your hearts and minds. Please simply read them with the love they have been sent to you with…

You are SO being asked to step into 5D now. All the shift, shake-ups, questions Рall of it Рit is all designed to wake up the masses in a few short years. Do you prefer to be on the front lines of this change, or looking for morsels left over after the wave hits? You see, if you are reading this, chances are you are already at the front lines. You are probably a leader on some level in this arena within your inner circles. This is not a mistake.

There are NO mistakes in consciousness. What you perceive, ALL of it, is your greatest creations, still yet unrealized. This means that all you perceive was created by you, for you. You just do not recall. The nature of consciousness is to ever-evolve. Therefore, the forgetting makes it possible for you to grow without preconceived notions or knowledge.

What we, as a Cosmic Race, are asking you to remember now is THAT you are such creators. Wake up! Rest no more. Your slumber is over.

You are about to come to the forefront of one of Earth’s greatest movements ever in its history. In fact, the power of this Awakening IS actually the strongest conscious resonance-raising that has ever taken place specifically because it is occurring consciously for so many. What this means is that, given many of you are already aware of this Conscious Coming of Age of sorts, the seismic measuring of its actual shift on the Richter Scale of Consciousness is exponentially greater.

But what does it all mean?

Well, for starters, if you haven’t already, you are about to begin really seeing how personal responsibility will begin to make victim consciousness obsolete. After all, if you own everything in your experiences as your higher self’s creation, you begin to become powerless to nothing. When this occurs, you open up portals, or gateways if you will, inside your “personal” consciousness – meaning IN YOU! These portals create nearly immeasurable magnitudes of potential Creator-ship.

What that means, simply put, is that we cannot tell you a measurement for something that has, to date, never occurred on Earth in quite this way. Atlantis was the closest to full awakening that could occur AT the time of Atlantis. After its fall, however, humanity and the Earth had to descend into the depths of “hell” in order to have an experience of the antithesis of that pre-existing high state of being to FULLY appreciate where you are going. Since you have never quite been there before, it is nearly impossible to measure the magnitude of positive shift that CAN occur as this next mass awakening dawns upon so many of you over the coming 12 years.

By 2028, the objective is that positive mindfulness in WE consciousness be at the helm, driving loving, powerful shift for humanity, your galaxy, and all the galaxies. For WE consciousness is not simply about and amongst humans, but rather it is about the Universal evolution of all the star seeds – human, planetary, and galactic.

Where humans fit in the puzzle of the Universe is so beyond your understanding at this time that we ask you to take a breath into your heart in this moment. If we had a want or desire, it would be that you simply understand the magnitude of the love that has brought you here. For that very love is requisite to the foundation of the Great Awakening within and without, as well as the Great Shift in our Cosmos that makes that love feel-able and understandable within the hearts of all who transcend 3D into 5D and beyond.

That love is SO powerful, that if 51% of you received its full transmission for even a moment, wars, greed and hunger would end in an instant. THAT love is who and what you are. As you take a breath into your heart now, attempt as you will to feel the magnitude of that, and you will have touched the tip of the tip of the iceberg of what this occurring Awakening can do for you IF you allow it.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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