THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/6/17

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With so much external change on the outside these days, it is vital to obtain and maintain a higher perspective about you. Remember, the outer world is illusory – merely a powerful projection of the collective’s belief systems, morals and values.

When we refer to the collective, we are addressing society as a whole, and each individual contributor’s reality projected forward and outward onto the whole based on their experiences within that whole.

So what, exactly, is projection? Well, simply put, projection is an amalgamation of all your experiences that you draw from to establish your place in the world each day. How? Your experiences have created patterns within you, mostly unconscious, that drive each next experience AS those very experiences create your belief systems, morals and values from a very early age about the way you believe the world and everything in it works. Those experiences have been labeled by your sub-conscious mind – good, bad, or indifferent. So your experiences create and drive your beliefs. Then, those beliefs create your reality as you project, like a movie projector, what your world looks like based on everything you have ever heard, seen, read, or been through. This is why it has been said that you see the world as YOU are, not as it is.

Keeping in mind that the collective is literally a collection of all individuals and their experiences projected forward like a movie reel moving through a projector, it is important to understand that the subconscious mind and its experiences literally “runs the show” of your life… until and unless you choose to begin to notice your patterns and your triggers, thus bringing them from the unconscious mind into the conscious mind. This is the process of awakening.

Now, for those a bit more conscious and awake than the masses (like you if you are reading or hearing this) when change occurs out there, it is truly important to remember that this has been “a happening” on the inside of you for some time. Nothing EVER happens “overnight”. Divine timing may deliver the final piece for a set of circumstances to fully unfold in one evening, but it has been happening over many years, most possibly even over many of your lifetimes in the world.

How is this? Well… you, your identity, your name, your person is but a splinter from the whole YOU, the higher you (higher self), or soul version of you. Think of a pizza pie as the whole you, but with more than eight slices. Each slice is a human lifetime, while the pie represents the whole of your soul. So each lifetime, your soul has an experience AS a human to grow your soul FROM this plane of existence while, in fact, your soul is multi-dimensional. More on this another day.

For now, it is important to realize the collective has been BECOMING the collective over millennia, together. In prior transmissions, we have told you how humanity went so far into the material, and away from the Creator energy, ONLY to never have to repeat that cycle. For once you KNOW something truly within that human frame, you NEVER forget again, do you? Try unlearning the ABC’s. Impossible.

Now, to the point… your world’s atrocities have been created by humanity’s collective projection of lack, fear, and greed. Think on this for a minute. Even “fear of more of the same” has now led the “free world” to elect a leader to make things “great again”, and two major nations of the world to begin to “split” from unity, believing that separatism is the way to a happier existence. The collective’s buying into the idea WITHIN on a mass level that things are not “perfect as they are” in a sense, has led to a creation of massive change on the exterior.

Since humanity, in its creatorship, created this in it’s collective projection, humanity must fix it. To do so, it must bring that fear and lack consciousness front and center for the show of a lifetime. Then and only then can humanity see the mirror of its own creation. When the dark steps fully into the light, only then can TRUE change occur.

People, this is an OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME. Look at all the action NOW occurring on the outside due to the collective’s perceived “issues”. As Gandhi would tell you, “You are in the midst of creating the change you want to see in the world. Why? Because you are becoming it. Now, if you could do it with conscious minds and hearts of abundance, rather than lack and fear, you would get so much further, so much faster.”

Great beings like Gandhi need humanity to remember now the five human values of Love, Truth, Peace, Right Conduct, and Non-Violence. It is from this space that changes out there begin to truly show you who YOU are, so that you can be at peace with what is as you create a better world… together.

Remember, things are already perfect. This perfection can be improved by perceiving all of it with its imperfection as simply part of the plan required where you are all collectively CHOOSING FROM LOVE (not fear) to create the world you want. You can do your part by being the example of that love. SO much positive change can come from just changing your focus.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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