THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/12/16

Ray RolandoJan Finley's Channel


What are you creating? Or, perhaps a better way to ask might be, “what are you experiencing?” If you recall, the world is your mirror. What you are experiencing is in direct correlation to how you are speaking to, being with, and experiencing yourself and the world around you.

If you want to manifest (create) happiness, abundance, health, and joy, well then you need to understand a few things. First, you manifest what you are in resonance with. Yes, whatever frequency you operate from, you attract more of to your auric field, and therefore to your personal experience of life.

Second, while a lot of the way you act in or react to the world around you was learned behavior from childhood, as an adult you need to realize YOU ARE AN ADULT. So when you decide to fully empower yourself, you will remember that you actually have a choice.

Yes, the way you react is a choice. While it is also most definitely a pattern, you have a choice to break that pattern just as you would with any “bad” habit. To do so, you need to choose to replace the “bad” habit with energy that is more expansive and aligned with well-being for you. The old pattern has served you well… yes it has… it has gotten you here to recognize, “I need/want to change this.” Perfect. Make a decision, then, TO change it. You are the creator.

Now, the third piece is interesting. At times, try as you might to change and yet you still wind up with the same results. Why? The answer is simple. Karma. See, you may have a karmic pattern that is there because you have “negative” karma to burn off. But, how do you break or burn off this “thing” standing in the way of your happiness? Well, our answer is simple and comes in the form of a question. Not new, we know. But it is this… are you impatient? Or do you, perhaps, lack enough trust?

You see, trust is a karma breaker. Trust and gratitude actually. For when you can become grateful for everything and understand that EVERYTHING (even the “bad”) has gotten you here, you begin to resonate at “gratitude”. Gratitude brings more trust that all is sacredly perfect, even (and especially) the seemingly negative.

But true gratitude and trust bring with them a new state of being. This state of being emanates out into your aura, busting through even the karma that stands in your way from getting “real” results. But focus not on the real “out there”, but rather on the heart “in there”. That is where TRUTH LIES.

So remember the mirrored effect, choose to see opportunities in the “not so pretty”, and trust beyond reason. Soon, the reality you desire will come to you. Reach not. ONLY trust. There, you will be met.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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