2020 Cancer New Moon

Vivian SmallMoon Report


21 June 2020

New Moon 00 Cancer 21

2:41 am

We are all feeling the effects of the wormhole that opened with the Gemini Full Moon and lunar eclipse. Nothing is what it was, and the ground certainly can feel like shifting sands. Emotions are riding high, and events keep occurring (as they always do) which ask us—and often challenge us, for an immediate emotional response. Gemini is where we work with taking right action, working from our core. There are so many emotions out there and they all attract us, somehow with a yes or no, light or shadow, etc. With Gemini, we realize we must have a center to keep from emotional whiplash.
Cancer is where we return to our core and have the opportunity to touch our innermost feelings. The Gemini part of our consciousness and Cancer are in intimacy (semi-sextile) with each other. It is in the Cancer part of our consciousness where we approach our innermost feelings with great nurturing, as the Mother with her beloved child. We need to remember here that all the astrological signs form our consciousness, and what we recognize as planets and points are the archetypes that we work with to express these parts of our consciousness. When we work with Cancer we are delving into our individuality to authentically express our feelings and experience the response these evoke in Others. When working with our emotions, we are working with a choice between a fear or love response. Cancer asks us to Love (accept) all our emotions with equanimity, and check-in with ourselves about whether we are, through observation, allowing our feelings to freely run through us.
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The Moon loves to be the Cancer; this is a placement that carries all the potential for positive Self-Love. Think of the tenderness that a mother touches a newly born infant. This is the kind of love that exudes during a Cancer Moon. In this case, the analogy with an infant is very apt, as it is during a New Moon when we can refresh our awareness of our emotional body.
God-Self gazes out
on its creation.
As a mother
with her new-born babe,
enfolding it
at the breast of life.
Poem by Judith Whitman-Small from Floodtide: A Collection of Poems. Ashland Hills Press, 2012, Ashland, Oregon.
We are comprised of an etheric four-body system, involving the spirit, mind, emotions, and physical presence, and the flow of our emotions moves, like a river, in sync with the Moon. This New Moon is at a world access degree (zero), which means that whatever comes through it will affect the feelings of everyone on the planet. The New Moon involves a solar eclipse, which involves the appearance of the Moon blocking the light of the Sun here on Earth.
The eclipse will create a sideways elevator, and we will find ourselves taken, in some way, to new ground that we had not imagined before. This gives us a way to step aside from our intensely personal identification with our feelings and look at them a bit more objectively. We may not have even recognized that we have feelings about some event that is going on. But we all do have feelings about personal, local, and global events because we are responsible for what we experience individually and collectively. This Cancer New Moon creates a safe space to identify these feelings in an appropriate way which serves the higher good, because of the world access degree.
We all have a job to do, which is to check in with our emotional body, recognize where we are getting hung up, and put forth the intention to clear any blocks. For more information on the four-body system, please check out the article by Stephanie Azaria and Shelly Leal in the Cosmic Consciousness Corner portion of the Cosmic Path website.
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Travelling with the New Moon are Mercury (how we communicate) conjunct the Fixed Star Sirius (where we access the wisdom of the sages) at 14 Cancer. This is a significant opportunity to use the New Moon as an emotional reboot and consciously look to the highest good for all, by taking recognizing and releasing any deep fears concerning whatever feels unknown, different, frightening, or ill-informed.
Vesta (where we find devotion) is at 8 Cancer, we often do not realize that we are as dedicated to our negative feelings as we are to the ones we deem as positive. When a persistent feeling arises that we are not comfortable with, the New Moon is a good time to look at what we are focused on and release it.
The New Moon is in intimacy (semi-sextile) with the 5D planet Varuna (where we access our highest vision) at 3 Leo. This aspect makes it easier to elevate our feelings though intention, by taking in the widest view possible, recognizing that other people’s feelings are just as valid and relevant as our own. It does not matter if we agree or disagree, because when we feel we are being listened to, new opportunities for resolution start to emerge. It is always amazing that when we take one step toward a wider vision that so many different possibilities appear.
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The New Moon is in resource (sextile) with the Fixed Star Regulus (where there is great majesty) at 0 Virgo, and with Orcus (where we access the immortal) at 10 Virgo. When we honor ourSelves for having feelings (even those we secretly wish we did not have) we can let them flow freely through us, without creating a block in the etheric four-body system. It is a good time to look at the teachings of ancient texts and remember that the search for meaning and a return to Unity consciousness has been part of the human experience for as long as we know.
The New Moon is in manifestation (trine) with Ceres (our inner midwife) at 12 Pisces, allowing for an unlimited flow of unconditional Love if we allow this for ourSelves. We can direct this flow toward ourSelves and for humanity; we do not need to feel it from another person. A mother gazes upon her creation as beautiful no matter what. It is not always easy to direct Love toward ourSelves, because of any misplaced feelings of unworthiness. We are all worthy of unconditional Love, for this is how we were conceived and born.
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There is also a Grand Fire Manifestation (grand trine) forming a backdrop for the New Moon, comprised of Astraea (where we encounter the purity of the Divine Feminine) at 29 Aries, The Earth Star (South Node of the Moon, where we work with our karma) at 29 Sagittarius, and Eris (our inner disrupter) at 25 Aries. This backdrop further supports the free flow of feelings, if we allow it, and as we do, we can unblock our karma. Whatever feels disruptive is a signal to accept an unpleasant feeling as ours and then to let it go.
The New Moon is in stepping stone (square) with MakeMake (where we encounter universal laws) at 5 Libra and Juno (where we encounter Unity consciousness) at 7 Libra. Stepping stones ask us to figure a new way to work through a challenge or difficulty. This can be frustrating until we see we need to release something that we may not even be aware of. And this release can come through various modes, such as prayer, contemplation, and meditation, as well as intentional action.
So high, I can’t get over it,
So low, I can’t get under it,
So wide, I can’t get round it,
Oh, rock my soul
-Rock My Soul, a traditional African-American Spiritual
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The New Moon is part of a Grand Power Crossroad (cardinal cross). The Moon and Sun are in a Light Bridge (opposition) with Quaoar (where we think new thoughts) at 4 Capricorn. This bridge crosses with the one formed by MakeMake and Juno in polarity with Salacia (where we play with light and shadow) at 6 Aries, the Black Moon Lilith (our inner revealer) at 7 Aries, and Chiron (where we whole ourselves) at 9 Aries. This crossroad adds great dynamism to the New Moon, which supports action. That may seem a bit odd, as new Moons are a good time for stillness. It is good to remember that by placing our consciousness in the center of the four directions comprising a crossroad, that we can travel each path separately or all at once.
Our ancestors loom as shadows in the background of a blinding mirror that is exposing us all, black and white.”
Wynton Marsalis, https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/jun/12/wynton-marsalis-the-us-is-still-segregated-is-our-democracy-up-to-challenge
Further, the New Moon and Sun are in a Great Eliminator (inconjunct) with Saturn (where we find inner authority) at 1 Aquarius. A bright light can be shown on the structures we need to change, or they may feel unmovable and unapproachable. Like a wall of rock, that then we discover a cave opening in. We have choices to make about what we will support, what we want and need to change, and what we will stand for. We have the opportunity to use a humanitarian perspective to guide our choices, even if we cannot figure out what impact that might have.
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Love is having her way with me,
as I always hoped she would.
I march to her heartbeat —
through the outreach —
into the center of humanity.
Poem by Judith Whitman-Small from Floodtide: A Collection of Poems. Ashland Hills Press, 2012, Ashland, Oregon.

Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog, Christine Clemmer’s weekly report, and Shelly Leal’s monthly summary for more substantial information about all the events concerned with this New Moon. You can send comments to viviansmall2017@gmail.com