New Moon Report- 2023 Virgo New Moon

Beth NolteMoon Report, New Moon Report

By: Beth Nolte

New Moon @ 22 Virgo 
September 14, 2023, 9:38 PM EDT

A whole other level of Love’s on tap! Whatcha gonna have?

Welcome back Cosmic Path! Wow.

Check out the New Moon in Virgo. It opens the wormhole, which is the eclipse season. This wormhole is open from the Virgo New Moon until the Scorpio New Moon with eclipses in between.

Eclipses mark pivots and times of change in life. The natural order of the universe is change. How to receive change is the question.

While specific dates mark important turning points in the passage, the energy keeps rippling nonstop.

As you’re tuning in, Mercury reaches the furthest point of the retrograde journey. Introspection and realignment continue. Probably you’re deep in it, as the retrograde period started in August.

The day after the New Moon, Mercury stations and goes direct at 8 Virgo. Mercury’s very much at home in Virgo and the energy is strong. At the end of September, when the Messenger reaches 22 Virgo, the same degree of this New Moon, we’ll all be moving into new territory. The synchronicities here are thick, since 22 Virgo is exactly where the retrograde began.

Now are the moments of Truth. Where do you feel Truth in your body? It’s a good thing to know.

Virgo energy shows you what feels prickly. That feeling that things aren’t right? Something wants your attention. Is it another version of you? There’s higher potential percolating, urging action and preparing to take form.

This moment supports shedding skin. Can you find your ground, even in shifting sand?

Allow space to release and aim for expansion. With Mercury’s bridge to Saturn, also retrograde in the partner sign of Pisces, there’s ample flow to be found. Let your exhale go ALLLLLL the way out and watch it unwind. Return it to Earth or let it dissolve in cool waters. Maybe the breeze will carry it away. They’ll all work to undo what’s ready to be undone.

Release can feel like hard work. If you need to rest…

The New Moon is opposite Neptune – forming a bridge to your high heart. The Mothership is calling all passengers to get on board!

As always, there are new beginnings that lead to major transformation. Right now the energy comes back to Mercury. How you process information is such a personal piece in all this. May you find Peace in the sideways elevators. 🙂

That whole other level of Love that’s on tap? That’s the 5D.

In 5D, it’s Chiron who gives Virgo its disposition. The Centaur connects the physical form (Saturn) with the awakening to what’s beyond (Uranus), so that you can merge with the entire universe. Chiron is the Master Healer/Teacher who assists your growth between energetic fields, especially mind/body.

Until 2027, Chiron is in Aries. Aries represents mental power in the Cosmic Consciousness system. It’s true that collective consciousness is transmuting – you’re expanding, becoming a multidimensional pioneer who is capable of creative and epic leaps in how you use your consciousness. This is a process. The way through is to elevate your Virgo vibration, choosing to fall in Love with the present unfolding and letting the Divine in, instead of grasping for perfection.

In these precious moments you can gather all your soul parts into Oneness, bringing you together, holding your seat of power, feeling the subtle energy surrounding you. In this powerful wholing energy, open to the sense of Joy.

What does it feel like to be a vessel with its heart on fire? Varuna, Venus and Juno are holding space in Leo for you to know this sensation. Being intimately connected to the divine order, feel the glory of your Light reflected back to you. MakeMake and Mars in Libra are balancing on other side of Mercury. Mercury holds the midpoint between these 5D clusters in Leo and Libra. Believing is Seeing.

Whatever you’ve been cooking is coming into the physical. Big time Earth energy here. The New Moon manifests with Uranus and Pluto. The movers and shakers of our consciousness align in an easy flow with the New Moon cycle. Liberation & resurrection feel so so close now.

Here’s to the New Moon and the Virgo Wormhole!

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