Channel for June 17, 2024

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I surrender, and in surrendering, I find peace. 

These words came to me this morning as I awoke, once again buffeted and tossed by the tumultuous energies in our world, the personal and the global, right now.  Change is here, and with it brings grief, release and rebirth. We cannot underestimate the power of these days to transform our world but it is essential that we stay in our hearts and allow this change energy to move through us. We are releasing our pasts, our traumas, our outworn beliefs, even those we love and becoming who we truly came here to be. We are each essential to creating the new world that comes.

 Change comes whether we fight it or not.  

And so I am told:

Beloved children of earth, you are more prepared for these days than you realize.  Your soul holds you and will provide guidance. Sit within the softness of your heart.  There is treasure to be found there. Grief and loss do not lessen you. Instead, you are brought ever closer to the full realization of the oneness of all. Nothing is ever truly lost, only your experience of the physical.  

The Earth experience was designed to return you to the Oneness of All. Only through loss, and change, and resultant newness can you allow yourself the release that Oneness is.  By clinging to the experiences of the past, you lose the sacredness of simply allowing and accepting. Resistance creates depression, anger, resentment, projection and physical symptoms, which further delays the gift of acceptance. 

Return always to your heart, that soft and always loving place within you.  

Envision yourself in the middle of chaos as it swirls around you. You are safe within your own golden egg, within your own golden soul.  

Even so, change touches all of you.  Allow yourself to grieve, release and be reborn.  Oneness is your birthright.  Light is who you are.

(Dedicated to Tater’s family, Jean, J and V, Heather and Craig, Stephanie and all those who are grieving.)

*Image Credit* “Grief and Healing”