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Jan FinleyJan Finley's Channel

For years, these particular catch phrases that have become mantras for humanity: Hold the Light. Shine your light. Speak your truth. Walk your talk. Open your heart. And so on and on.
I say to you that the time has come for you to BE the Light that you are. You are not becoming something unfamiliar and new. You are becoming who you have always been.  Like a child must grow to become an adult, so too must you step forward in your Be-ing.  Let petty cares and concerns fall away. Breathe in the beat of your heart and follow it to your core.  The Time of Purification is upon you. Listen to your body’s needs. Quiet your mind and listen to the words of your heart.  I cannot emphasize the importance of these words enough.  Choice is no longer an option.  Response-ability is the only answer. In order to take humankind’s next evolutionary step, those who came from the stars must step forward.  The Light Bearers must lead the way.  Lift your vision and see past the illusions to the Truth.  Your Truth. The time for sleep is over. 
The future of your world depends upon all of you.

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