Cosmic Channel of the Week

Jan FinleyJan Finley's Channel

Change.  A word that stirs up anxiety and trepidation. A recurrent reality we often attempt to thwart and are always unsuccessful.  Change comes without warning and demands our complete attention. Change creates chaos and misdirection which make us pay attention.  Change wakes us up and asks for our conscious participation.
In the last decade, change has seemed more of a constant than I can ever remember.  The sand shifts constantly under our feet, demanding lightening responses and exquisite flexibility.
I say to you now, my beloveds, that a change is coming, greater change than you have ever known. It comes to usher in the New Age for this is the return of the Light on Earth. These changes must occur and you, who are reading this, stand, in this moment in Time/Space, as Guardians. Embrace your fullness – body, mind and spirit – that you may truly harness your highest potential.
We are united in our purpose and devotion.  Listen to the voice within for guidance from the Higher Beings who are with us as we enter this birth canal.  With hands held fast through time/space, our Light will prevail.