Cosmic Channel of the Week

Jan FinleyJan Finley's Channel

This is a moment in time/space that has been long heralded and anticipated. Open your hearts and crowns to receive the many codes and keys that come to you now. The Higher Ones have opened doors to your awareness that have not been accessed in your remembering. The resultant changes will occur on a molecular level, changing who and what you think you are. You have always been more than your egoic identity; you have known that, but now it becomes more than perceptible. Unfamiliar physical symptoms may arise. Pay them no heed. They are transitory in nature and of short duration, if you do not give them ownership. Trust what your body tells you; allow this long awaited transformation open hearted and open minded cooperation. Allow the new awarenesses to shape your words and actions. The time for childish and unthinking behavior is past. Consider these days your New Birth, for you will enter the new world as so much more than you have believed you’ve been. We have watched and waited for this moment in time/space and we stand with you, surrounding you with Love and the Light of the All. Welcome home, blessed ones; welcome home.