THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/23/17

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channeloftheweekENORMITY OF OPPORTUNITY¬†–

All, with everything you have been through, you are not possibly thinking of giving up now, are you? You cannot! Well, you can… it’s just that you might not actually want to. Many of you believe dark times have befallen you, and the Great Nation that is America. This could not be further from the WHOLE truth. It may be a small absolute truth, for a time. But it is most certainly not the ultimate truth.

You see, ultimate truth cannot be changed despite your belief(s) in it. And you are in GREAT times of transformation and opportunity. For, true opportunists wait until “everyone else” believes in one direction, and then they bet on its opposite by trusting their internal compass. Why should you be any different?

At this hour, the stars and planets have aligned to bring to the surface what “appears” to be the dark incarnate in many ways… Brexit, Refugees at among the highest numbers in history, the new American President. The list goes on and on with world affairs, but never has there been greater opportunity than RIGHT NOW. You must at least understand at this juncture of your journeys that where the greatest gap appears to exist, so does the greatest potential to fill that gap with love. So, then, if lightworking individuals like yourself were to give up now, it would be tantamount to victory for the opposite of what you stand and exist for. Another way to say this would be that this would be a great victory for fear, possibly the greatest, when in fact you need LOVE.

When you can hold LOVE amidst the darkness, you become a beacon, a lighthouse if you will, for all those who could seek refuge in your heart’s ability to transform darkness to love. This is what you came for. Do you remember? Well, remember NOW. LOVE is who and what you are.

The enormity of opportunity that exists when the dark comes fully OUT of the shadows and into the light is beyond human comprehension. It is the moment when the enormous bully or perpetrator says, “Yeah, I did it, so what are YOU gonna do about it?” THIS IS YOUR MOMENT, FOLKS.

This does NOT mean you need to march or take action in a physical way. If you do, wonderful. If you do not, wonderful. What this actually means, however, is this is the moment of great determination that leads to enlightenment. The moment where your ability to stand tall for who and what you are, and represent it as best you know how is NOW.

You are being asked to bet on love. You are being asked to bet on… wait for it… YOU.

How willing you are to stand tall and fight the good fight NOW with love, truth, peace, right conduct and non-violence will determine how much of that you can see in a world most believe is collapsing in on itself. Here is a GREAT truth though. NEVER has there been a time when the dark has prevailed. It is ALWAYS light rising from the ashes of the seeming demise that glows a light so brightly that a new spirit galvanizes humans to rise to the occasion to create a new path. It so happens that these particular ashes are giving you an opportunity to create and walk THE path.

Are you willing to see the opportunity here? If so, the Holy Grail is yours for eternity.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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