THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 2/22/16

Ray RolandoJan Finley's Channel


So you have heard the news. What you focus on the most is what you are creating more of. The reason? Because you have only ever two choices – love or fear. When you choose either, you have effectively told the Universe, “I AM the Creator, and I choose <fill in the blank> – love or fear.” And the Universe responds, “That is correct, you ARE. Therefore, you must be creating <love or fear> because you need it for your experience. Let me assist you in this creation. Let me show you the power of your creator-ship in the Cosmic Mirror. You say it, and it is so.”

Therefore, the best thing you can do to stay in non-local (or quantum) creation is to focus on the potential and the excitement of your potential creations, rather than the fear of the what-ifs.

In the past, many of you have given up or thrown in the towel RIGHT before your breakthrough was about to occur. It’s ok. You needed that experience. You did this because, at that time, you believed something or someone else outside of you “might” deliver to you your dreams. But you have learned over recent months and years that you deliver to you what you focus on.

The key now is to CONTINUE¬†crafting and molding systems in which to ground the energy of your desired creations. Yes!¬†You ARE ALREADY creating these systems now for the energy to flow through. This begins (or began) when you put your time, energy, attention, and focus on your potential and you see opportunity. This is the 10% grounding that is required to bring in the 90% potential. You are literally creating your reality now by grounding into the earth plane the very energies which will hold the creative force of your “something beautiful”.

The breakthrough comes when you choose not not take your eyes off the goal. You ARE actualizing right now. ¬†It MATERIALIZES when you REMEMBER that you deliver it to you. Even if in the form of “another” being or beings, you are creating those “others” to bring to you what you have always dreamed of. Don’t give up when you believe it is not occurring fast enough. Part of what makes the equation perfect is the variable of YOUR trust IN the equation. But waiver in your trust and delay the express delivery.¬†

The energetic shifts are there now, FULLY supporting your creations unlike ever before. Believe enough in you, keep your focus on potential, waiver not, and watch ALL of the miracles unfold. It’s about time.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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