THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/10/17

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channeloftheweekTHE SWITCH –

Greetings, Beloveds. Today’s message is simple, and it is about the internal dynamics that, once shifted even by 1 degree, change only everything in the outside world. This process we will call, “The Switch”.

Ultimately, what we are referring to is the instant you have an enlightened moment that leads you to re-realizing that you are a spiritual being in a human body for a time. When this happens, it is as if a switch is flipped on in a room that had been dark, dormant – and that light ignites truth in the chamber of your vessel. Some would say this is a moment of enlightenment… and it most certainly is. The key is continuing to remember that you are not actually human, but rather that you have only chosen this form for a time.

When the switch occurs, some say a spiritual path begins. To that we reply that you are all on a spiritual path, and always have been. The fact that you remember it in this moment, even if you forget and remember 500 more times in between, the truth is that when you remember, you are again living a CONSCIOUS, spiritual path, and that just changes everything… over and over, and over again.

It is said on your plane of existence that when a spiritual aspirant consciously hits their spiritual path, they begin to acknowledge that the only way to progress and overall enlightenment for the planet, and the Cosmos, is THROUGH the process of CHANGE. When this acknowledgement occurs, a certain surrender begins to lead to yet another switch within that ignites more truth that sets you free. This time, the switch is the one that leads to becoming comfortable with not being comfortable. In other words, you begin to accept the concept that you are ALWAYS safe, regardless of the false fears created by society that have you believing otherwise.

You see, society was built on the material. And while structure was required for practicality’s sake, the word “practical” began to be used to bring folks out of intuition and into their heads, otherwise referred to as their thinking minds, or the brain. This is when society went so far into their material worlds, that humans forgot they were not human. So they took comfort in material creations, grasping and clinging to them as if they would save them should the world fall apart. However, when the switch occurs within you on any level, you begin to resonate above the belief that you are EVER unsafe.

Now, this is most certainly a process, especially after all the iterations of trial and tribulation you have gone through lifetime after lifetime to arrive where you perhaps are today. And just where is it that you are today? You are living in a world that is SO energetically ready to show you just how powerful you are when you trust in the might of your own beliefs and creations of the heart and true mind – the Divine Mind that is, which resides in the Sacred Chamber just beyond the physical heart, otherwise known as the Sacred Heart.

This “mind” is a know it all, but not at all in an egotistical sense, but rather in an “I AM EVERYTHING” sense, so it knows everything, because it IS everything.

When the hue-man begins to assemble enough light quotient through their vessel that they truly begin to realize just how safe in the arms of the Divine they are, they begin to remember their true essence and yet the third switch is flipped. It is here that they manifest the cup of creation AS the Creator energy on “some” level. It is here that victimhood truly begins to fall away, and creations of love soon permeate from them.

But beware… as this occurs, those connected to such beings often begin to revolt, trying and testing the spiritual aspirant to see just how strong their metal of belief really is. It is a perfect game, too. Why? Because this will prevent the aspirant from holding too much light if they are not yet wired to do so. If they are, however, those grasping at such beings will soon find themselves feeling alone as the spiritual aspirant breaks free of old systems that were holding them back. When and if this occurs to those grasping, they will be faced with a choice: to begin to merge with their own truth in spirit, or continue to stay “stuck” for multiple more incarnations.

As those that break free find their new places in the world, they create a new reality for themselves where they simply feel different, changed, and more at peace and ease. The key for them, for you, is not to buy back into others’ fears. Instead, to flip it all on itself and switch from fear to love KNOWING that EVERYONE is getting exactly what they need in every moment, every scenario. God does not make mistakes.

People often forget this which separates them from God, or from God consciousness. Therefore, they feel separate from, and unprotected. But this was part of the plan so that you might NEVER forget again. The objective was to incarnate time and again to go as far away from Source as possible, right to the brink actually. But then, your plan was to cry out for God, and God would return to you as you made the switch back from material to spirit.

That is what is happening now. Your only mission within the process is to accept it on any level that you can. When you do, you also switch from doubt to surrender, and with that comes Ultimate Trust. And believe us when we tell you that we do not say this lightly, “We trust that you trust as much as you can without fully understanding the Game. Do you trust us enough to show it to you? If not, perhaps there is one more light you need to switch on. We promise to be waiting there when you do.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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