THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/11/17

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


What a week. It would seem the hits just keep on coming, don’t they? Well, this is the time we have always spoken of. Just when the darkness appears to be eclipsing the light, the perfection in the Universal plan of overall salvation for the race and the planet, Earth, is underway.

We have shared with you for centuries, millennia really, that, “… a darkness unlike any other would overcome the land, immediately preceding a light so bright none could bare to watch with the naked eye…” This is it. The birth of the New Age is quite literally upon you. It was prophesied that, “‚Ķ the Earth will shake, the seas will rise, and fury will be felt just before the dawn of the New Order.”

Keep in mind two things this week. First, the date, 9/11, is not a coincidence. This is a date in human infamy signaling the beginning of the destruction of false gods, and the resurrection of the resilience of the human spirit. It represented completion energy (9) and the self-mastery (11) that is required when individual souls begin looking inward for their greatest teachers. Second, these changes you all are experiencing in the wake of “foundational” quakes and “emotional” storms that specifically the United States is going through, are all occurring exactly 3 weeks after the Solar Eclipse. Remember, the US was in the direct path of the eclipse. The number 3 is manifestation. Do you recall the last time the light was eclipsed by darkness? There was a man. His name was Jesus, and an eclipse just like the US eclipse occurred just prior to massive shifts at that time as well. So you are all literally experiencing the Cosmic Shift doing its thing. Fear not!

For, you see, before every true birth, labor pains are experienced. And this is quite literally Mother Earth giving birth to a new consciousness, one in which conventions of old will move aside, and a heart-centered world will begin to be realized. We have said that so much more is at work than you can perceive with your human senses, and this is what your world is experiencing now.

We have also said that meditation practices were on the rise and that these practices were in direct correlation to the massive shifting Mother Earth must do when her inhabitants collectively blow the conch of the Gods, requesting said change. For when you do, you make the decision as a group that the old institutions must fall so that integrity will become the new foundations set forth in the New World.

Remember, we have promised that the only reason mankind would choose to be so unconscious for so long was so that they may return to the God-creators that they (you) all are. The reasoning was so that you would never need to go this far away from your true selves again. Well, then, it stands to reason that as you all sit still in meditation, the undercurrents of the energy FROM your meditations would “request” to Mother Earth that she begin to do her thing to lift the untruth from her crust outward.

Please keep in mind, and especially in heart, that in these trying times of massive transformation, EVERY soul who is choosing to leave the planet has chosen to do so to fulfill their own soul’s blueprint. So, truly, everything you are witnessing as destruction is ONLY a destruction of the lack of mindful creation so that a surge of its opposite can come to be.

To be fruitful on a true spiritual path, you must yield to the desires of the monkey (egoic) mind to see the illusory world of loss, damage, suffering, and fear-based realities. They are not the highest truth. And what you can do to help in times like this is to continue your meditations so that you can help Mother Earth to complete the mission, which in turn helps each and every soul get to where they were contracted to go. That is correct…


This task of yours as a collective cannot be overstated enough. You need to see only perfection in it all, even when your minds attempt to distract you from the truth your hearts KNOW to be the case.

These times require great courage and you have all been prepared for many lifetimes to handle what is currently upon you. And, though the birth canal seems dark, there is a light that you are all headed toward. In a few short years, that light will be fully upon you, and you will bask in the glory of victory. In the meantime, you must continue to trust and have faith that you have stepped foot on one of the greatest journeys your humanness will EVER experience.

There has never been a greater time to be human. Think on this, and remember that you have a choice to go into fear, or sit still in service. Should you choose the latter, the Universe and its mysteries will continue to unfold Revelations to you and to humanity. This is a service, a path, a choice… live it well, and be strong knowing you chose it… and it chose you, and we ALWAYS have your back.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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