THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/23/16

Ray RolandoJan Finley's Channel

channeloftheweekAND THE CLOUDS DO RISE…¬†–

Nothing is permanent, or lasts forever. After all, forever is forever and that is a long time. But truly, this exponential shift the planet and its habitants have been in, which has caused such a raucous among spiritual aspirants, is leading you to the promised land. For the clouds are rising, showing you the dominance of the light.

The light never fails. It only ever grows and expands. And it encapsulates the dark, you know. What this means is that the wholeness of dark exists inside the light. The light is everything, including the dark (or unmanifest), and the dark’s potential for the light. So while you may feel mired for a time in old patterns, baggage, and discomfort, you must know by now that these feelings are only temporary, and eventually give way to the light.

When dealt with in short doses, there is nothing that cannot be moved through with the breath. What we mean is, for the love of everything sacred, if a woman can birth a human being from her body on the breath, what can you not do on the breath? Interestingly, you too are birthing something every time you move through hardship. You are birthing, and re-birthing you… you are birthing consciousness.

That consciousness, through resilience beyond hardship, learns compassion, love, kindness and, ultimately, a love for humanity that never wanes… even when it doesn’t understand.

And this is what you have been asked to do these past few months – accept without understanding. There is a surrender in that. There is a willingness to move forward without having the map. The purpose in the setup of situations like this for you is simple. When you move forward without knowing, you open up the possibility for ANYTHING in front of you. You step into potential when you stand in front of a seemingly unblazed path.

But know this, just because it appears untraveled, does not make it so. Many have come before you, and have led the charge for you. They would never ask you to do what they have not already accomplished and know to be possible. And, yes, there was a time when no one came before them. So can you imagine the courage your predecessors must have exhibited? You see, just that consideration opens a path of gratitude in you, as well as compassion. It is all a perfect puzzle. Challenging, but perfect no less.

However, times are always changing. So, yes, you are being asked to blaze a trail of sorts… in your time… in this dimension. No one said it would be easy, but the clouds are beginning to part and lift off. They are showing you a clear path once more. For it is your destiny to succeed in this life. To what end you do so as the obstacles rise? Well that is up to your desire to see the new found portion of¬†your path through.

You can do this! Remember to ask for help. It is here for you. In the asking, you acknowledge as much. In the delivery of such help comes packaged courage… courage for asking, courage for continuing to blaze, and courage from both of the previous two.

Now, with this new found courage, as well as with the new information that your path is definitely becoming easier because you are choosing it so, there is NO-THING that you cannot do. So go and do it. The support for you now has you in unchartered and exciting territory. Have fun!

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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