THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/9/16

Ray RolandoJan Finley's Channel


There is major healing occurring on the planet at this time. What’s more is that there is a desire, a yearning, a fire that has been lit amongst the masses to get to the root cause of individualized suffering. Practices, such as coaching are growing with people turning up to heal past wounds. Why is this?

Well, as with everything, the world is shifting as Mother Earth shifts. These changes have been predicted for some time and gurus and sages have been specifically talking about a¬†polarity shift that would occur¬†from the effects that the 2012 planetary re-alignment was to have on the human race. This “shift” energy is upon you now. To many, it feels like shift without the “f”. However, the “f” actually stands for “forward motion”, and many refuse to bow down now to depression and pharmaceutical solutions. There is this fire that burns to know and understand the truth… the truth about what makes them tick; a desire to live a happier, more fulfilled life – a desire to live, and not simply survive.

This drive for forward motion comes with deep inner knowing that to move forward from past wounds, individuals must face their demons by excavating them. To do so, many have begun life reviews. Not surprisingly, the angels and Archangels respond gleefully to this process, for they know they were created to help the planet and the human race heal through this very process. So as more and more folks awaken to the need to excavate old beliefs that no longer serve, their flames are complimentarily and equally met by the extraordinary support of the spirit realms.

Where human potential and desire to reach it meets Cosmic Order, shift is bound to occur… and “a shifting you will go”.

Many of you have been prepared as wayshowers of this inevitability of the race’s evolution. Though so many of you have been wondering lately why you have been doing MUCH visiting and revisiting of old patterns, we ask you to focus on how well you have been doing through that process. In that place of knowing, you are being reminded of the GREAT wealth of support that undergirds your journey here. Just a few short years ago, it was not nearly as easy to traverse this type of terrain. The reason? Simply put, not enough of you were doing this. Therefore, the groupings of you that were, were processing all of those patterns for the planet – including those who had not awoken yet and were not willing to look at their patterns. Now that more of you exist, it is easier for all of you to process given that so many more across the globe are carrying their own weight. This, in turn, also allows the majority to grow at RAPID speeds now. And this is VERY exciting!

Truly, many of you are learning to unlearn patterns you learned socially that are no longer serving. The state of world affairs on Earth require you to look within AND beyond the old norms. It is forcing new norms. The more you continue to excavate, the more those new norms will become just that and remain sustained for millennia to come. But it requires focus, ownership, feeling and allowing. With your growing awarenesses about yourself, your life, and your processes, you simply need to keep reigning in the thoughts that attempt to drift from you and turn into projection onto others. Reigning all that projection back into ownership of the world you created, and continue to create and project with your own belief systems is ABSOLUTELY requisite now.

You ARE the creators of it all. Accept that, even if you do not understand it, and understanding it will gradually become easier and easier. Where you feel hurt or misunderstood by others, look within from where that hurt and misunderstanding truly resides. Keep looking at you, focus your aim there, and discover how you have given your power away. Then, simply reclaim it through¬†ownership. Accept that you created all of it, including the beauty, and move on… NOW. The faster you are to own, the quicker the healing energy moves through you, neutralizing old programming and putting in place powerful new truths that lead you and the planet to true paradise.

Know this… given the GREAT shift in mass consciousness to want to do this work, NEVER has there been this strong a support system in place for you… cosmically, or in terms of fellow lightworkers at the ready to assist you in the most wondrous and miraculous of ways. For now, trust in this process and allow the miracles to unfold. As you continue to dig up stuff and release patterns of hurt and guilt from the past, you ARE¬†releasing it now and, as a result, you WILL catapult ahead on your path. Have faith in yourself and those who show up to assist you now. After all, you put them there to do so, and they put themselves there to do the same. All of it is coming together so perfectly now, that your human mind cannot even understand that. Regardless, do not miss this opportunity to enjoy your progress. For it is from that space you will continue to create more of it. Well done!

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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