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Ixion, the promise our soul made when we entered this incarnation and plane of existence, turned direct September 10, at 26 Sagittarius 33’. Ixion is conjunct the Part of Fortune at 28 Sag 59’.  The way individual aspects like Ixion direct conjunct the Part of Fortune are emerging as predominant briefly in the stellar background field of what I feel DEEPLY is the actual birthing of Christ Consciousness (Virgo New Moon stellium Grand Trine August 30th) and the second coming of Christ Consciousness to Earth a few days later ((Mars new cycle with Orcus in Virgo – Our awareness and consciousness of our True Immortal Self – on September 4th) I am going to give a little more latitude to the orbs allowed for aspects, especially to the 5th dimensional ascension planets and asteroids. My working definition of Christ Consciousness is awakening and remembering that we are all ONE, including with Source. Now that Christ Consciousness is now tangibly here en masse in our third dimensional world, it is pretty darn exciting and gives us all great hope for what is transpiring on the planet, stressful and challenging as it is to the limited perceptions of our ego minds.
Let’s take a look at what Ixion retrograde meant. When a planetary body is retrograde, it is returning to the Light, to Source, to gather ascension frequencies that have never been here on this planet in the third dimension before. When that body of Light turns direct like Ixion did on September 10th, it delivers the new gift of ascension frequencies, all at once, to the planet and all beings who share it as a whole. It does not dole the gift out in small bites. It does what it turned direct to do – it delivers the gift; hands it to us. It’s ours now. Happy Birthday. And many more. There is nothing partial or doled out over time about retrograde gifts.
No wonder retrogrades frighten some people – they bring back such intense new and definitely unfamiliar frequencies and energies for the beings who live here to ground, integrate, balance and align and express in their lives. Sometimes, yes, Mercury retrograde and other retrogrades can appear to us to be disruptive, but that discomfort has not come from the retrograde planet, Mercury, Ixion, or the gift of Source energies being given to us. That discomfort is coming from us disrupting things around us. WE are so darn rigid and fixed in our ways, so attached to how we think things are, that it is our own resistance to the gift that overloads and breaks a few of our own circuits – not the retrograde planet and not the gifted ascension frequencies. We’re doing it to ourselves and blaming the retrograde and the planet. Projecting our issues externally out into the world around us and assigning blame onto others is, sadly, a common human habit of separation.
Think about it.  It is our own resistance to new frequencies that fries our circuits internally and sometimes externally, not the wonderful loving gift of retrograde energy just gifted to us. Perhaps be vigilant for peace and especially mindful to take extra good care of yourself when retrogrades are around. Be prepared to welcome and ground the wonderful new energies, perhaps through a celebration and welcoming ritual. Do some intentional spiritual work with how and where that retrograde planet is transiting through your chart during its retrograde and especially when it returns and hands you the Birthday gift. When you ground, integrate and balance the newly delivered Light frequencies it is important to put them to use so they become a comfortable and natural part of your experience. Eat healthy, exercise, meditate and do service, and you will sail easily through every retrograde cycle of awakening and ascension.
Ixion, the archetype in our Higher Minds of our soul’s purpose, has just handed us an amazing Birthday present conjunct the Part of Fortune! This absolutely goes hand in hand with the Virgo New Moon stellium Grand Trine and Mars bringing up the rear as the Virgo stellium moved past Orcus, our Immortal Self. In fact, Orcus has just handed us a whole lot of Birthday presents! The Part of Fortune says Birthday Party to me! It’s definitely a Birthday party from Ixion/Part of Fortune for each and every one of us, and for all sentient beings here, when our Immortal Selves start new cycles of Christ Consciousness and then Ixion, our individual (and the collective) soul purpose/promise, partners with the Part of Fortune to inspire each of us to take our places and create the New Order. Heaven on Earth, 5th dimension, the beginning of the next Golden Age – however you choose to look at it. The Real YOU just got re-born here with a brand-new physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body and life (all the personal planets in that Virgo stellium Grand Trine New Moon on August 30th) WOW!  Our Soul Purpose and the global purpose partnered with the promise of our Fortune fulfilled and manifested.
BUT WAIT! If you act right NOW, this Ascension Special comes with a set of stainless steel bowls and Ginzu knives! (If you are old enough to catch that reference)! Kidding, kidding. That used to be an informercial selling something I can’t even remember what. It was so hokey – like happiness for people is bowls and knives for the kitchen. THIS Ascension Special comes with SO MUCH MORE! Stephanie just brought to my attention – and this is HUUGGE! – that transiting Ixion at 26 Sagittarius is conjunct the GALACTIC CENTER at 23 Sagittarius! How had I missed that the Galactic Center, the central black hole of our Milky Way galaxy also moving retrograde, connecting us to and bringing to us the Language of Light from Source Energy, is conjunct this whole story?!



I believe that All energies passing through the Galactic Center are ascension frequencies. Spirit has described black holes to me as step down generators and step up generators. Another word for generators in electrical engineering jargon is, are you ready for this – transformers! The function of step down and step up generators is to transform electrical energy from one frequency to another so that the energy can be used effectively.  If you’re interested in the mechanical concept you can check  out this page https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/textbook/alternating-current/chpt-9/step-up-and-step-down-transformers/  and simply translate what you read into your own spiritual understanding about pure Light energies and the Ascension process.
With our personal and the collective soul purposes, the promises we each made coming into this lifetime, conjunct the black hole at the center of our home galaxy, here is my intuition about step down and step up transformers:
Source steps down the Language of Light through an interdimensional (non-space/non-time) system of what astronomers and scientists currently refer to as black holes. They all agree that black holes are phenomenally powerful. That’s putting it mildly. Let’s not leave out the connections between Laniakea, the Super Galactic Center, and the limitless beyond that bring and deliver the Birthday gifts of the Language of Light into our galaxy, through our Sun to our planet Earth, and then through Terra Gaia to each of us. There is a triangulation between our souls, this planet, and our bodies.  Terra Gaia steps down the Language of Light from Source through our spiritual, mental, emotional and then our physical bodies.  When the Language of Light has entered this triangulation, we can become aware of it through our neurological system at our physical level. That is the process of a step-down generator, more accurately called a step-down transformer. The Light gifts from Source are most definitely being given to us to transform us.


The flow is reversed in a step-up generator/transformer. It is us as individuals communicating with Source through the Language of Light up through the intergalactic and interdimensional system of black holes.  Quantum physics theorizes that there are a minimum of twelve dimensions. The number twelve is most familiar in our sacred histories and systems of understanding – obviously noting twelve houses of the tropical zodiac. Humans have developed multiple understandings and rituals around how we remain connected with and can communication with Source. The Institute of Noetic Sciences, which performs research on human consciousness and energy, has done and gathered quite a few studies on the real power of prayer. Shamanic traditions around the world and throughout our history have been build on ways to communicate with other realms of existence and what we call Great Spirit using the Language of Light. The Mayans and other ancient spiritual traditions speak of connection through a stellar River of Light.
The current, brilliant Ascension stellium of Pluto (the ascension phoenix), Saturn (Heaven on Earth) , the South Node (completing forgiving ourselves), Arawn (Bringer of the Light), Ultima Thule (beyond the known world), and Chariklo (the steadfast, gentle grace and devotion of our True Christ Selves) is an unprecedented step up transformer. It will soon be expanded beyond imagination by transiting Jupiter joining the stellium. The birthing of and coming to every one of us of Christ Consciousness had to precede Jupiter expanding this ascension stellium. We are being prepared spiritually according to our understanding, mentally, emotionally, and physically for the ascension of Terra Gaia and this entire solar system and our own ascension. This is one heck of a Birthday party getting going here!
The South Node is the key in this ascension stellium step up transformer. It is the key to our personal step up transformers. It is our responsibility to forgive all our unresolved karma from, at a minimum the past 28,000 years, and more likely ALL of millions of years of personal, human, and interspecies karma of judgment and separation from the True Oneness of the Sunship and Source. We have free will to awaken and grow at our own pace. We forgive by letting go of our karmic accumulations of judgments and errors by sending them to the Light for purification. We RECEIVE THE LIGHT and we GIVE BACK TO THE LIGHT by letting go of the separation from the Oneness of all Beings through our free will choice of forgiveness.
I think most of us are aware that the planet we know as Terra Gaia/Earth is a sentient being in her own right and that she is also ascending. There will be plenty of parallel planet “earths” in the holodeck program for those who choose to take their time waking up and choosing LOVE and ONENESS, but the planet we live on right now is ascending in her own right. She is not our victim, much as it looks like she and other life forms are. We’re all in this together. In Truth there are no victims and perpetrators. I’ll save that for the book.
This extraordinary Ascension stellium in Capricorn, the sign of manifesting Heaven on Earth, is not here to cause suffering. That is on us. What is happening now is that we are sitting in a step-up transformer that serves brilliantly as a way for us to forgive what we have made using our own free will to judge and divide ourselves and separate ourselves from all other life forms.  And Ixion conjunct our Fortune is in an ascension stellium with the Galactic Center, the closest step down / step up transformer to our solar system! I am SO grateful to Stephanie, in the midst of her own ascension process, to see and take the time to let me know that Ixion is conjunct the Galactic Center so I could properly edit this blog!
No special gifts of stainless-steel bowls and Ginzu knives with this Ascension special. But here is some delicious frosting on the Birthday cake: Ixion conjunct the Part of Fortune and the Galactic Center is making a delightful semi-sextile to the Pluto/Saturn/South Node events in the latter degrees of Capricorn. Personally, I don’t think any aspect is a minor aspect. People have just not been aware – busy looking for overt ego dramas – so perhaps they miss for a while the still, subtle voice of Spirit communicating through the Language of Light.  Ixion/Part of Fortune/Galactic Center in semi-sextile is attracting the ascension stellium energies of Pluto (the ascension phoenix), Saturn (Heaven on Earth) , the South Node (completing forgiving ourselves), Arawn (Bringer of the Light), Ultima Thule (beyond the known world), and Chariklo (the steadfast, gentle grace and devotion of our True Christ Selves)! A semi-sextile requires a wee little bit of effort from you – nothing more than just the letting in of the new frequencies you just got gifted with.  Just in in-breath.
SO – “What’s in your wallet?”  You might want to take a look.  Where are the master degrees of 27 – 30 Sagittarius in your Starry Map/birth chart? Where is your natal Ixion and Part of Fortune and where is transiting Ixion and Part of Fortune today moving through your Starry Map?  We can all easily pull our Starry Maps up on Astrodienst, click on “Free Horoscopes” and then click on “Natal Charts and Transits”. The Part of Fortune, Ixion and the Galactic Center are in the “Additional Objects” column on the left. Click to see where these three bodies are in your natal chart and where they are transiting right now. A good thing to contemplate on perhaps as you eat your Birthday cake.


Sonreya / Pamela Chamberlynn      
 IXION TURNED DIRECT – “WHAT’S IN YOUR WALLET?” © Permission to share with credit to author
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Birth of the Aquarian HeartMind

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I feel like things unfold over time in a logical way that builds and layers energy and consciousness. Looking at tonight’s Venus conjunct Alcyone at the degree of purity of 1 Gemini, this building and layering really stands out to me.
On May 20, 2012 there was a Solar eclipse New Moon conjunct Alcyone at 1 Gemini.  Seeds of ascending consciousness were planted here in our realm of experience. Hello 2012, the year that everything here began its’ metamorphosis!
After the appropriate years of gestation, on November 23, 2018 there was a Full Moon at the same degree of 1 Gemini to activate those seeds of ascension as they began to break forth through the surface of our mundane awareness. Our wombs of consciousness began to grow full with the purity of this Gemini 1 Full Moon.
Then, on May 21, 2019, there was a Sun Mercury superior conjunction, also at 1 Gemini. The soular consciousness of our solar system brought in a new cycle of the Divine Masculine through the Diamond Mind. The Illuminated Divine Masculine began to lay out the Devic framework for the birthing room of the Diamond Mind of Aquarian Consciousness in the first degree of Gemini. All that was needed would be included. Mercury’s preparations have included opening a wormhole on the Gemini New Moon on June 3. If a wormhole is not a birth canal, I don’t know what it is! Mercury is so thorough in his support of the Divine Feminine that he will also return to Source in a retrograde cycle while in this wormhole that he rules.
June 08, 2019, we continue this process of ascension that started in May 2012 with the Divine Feminine Venus, midwifed by Alcyone, giving birth at the degree of purity 1 Gemini to our HeartMind, now embodying and grounding the new Aquarian cycle in our solar system and here in our lives on our Earth.  Of course, the birthing Venus is surrounded and supported by her select sister goddesses in the master degrees of Taurus – Sedna at 28 Taurus (Keeper of the Divine Feminine, now remembered) and Astraea at 30 Taurus (the fully integrated Divine Feminine – exactly what we are birthing into this world).  The Aquarian HeartMind to be birthed is Whole; Divine Feminine in sacred Partnership with Divine Masculine.
I wondered where our dear midwife Ceres, that brings us out of the dark places, is in this momentous and deLIGHTFULL flow of events. Of course, she is quietly providing her support from the higher Mind of 5 Sagittarius inconjunct Uranus, the great Awakener at 5 Taurus, providing the simple choice for unconditional Love as we undergo the labors of the changes that awaken us. I hear Ceres’ soft, calming midwife voice whispering to Venus to just let go, let go of all that stands in the way of your BEING all that you Know You are here to Be. Awaken to the Wholeness of your HeartMind. Chiron, the Master Healer, at 5 Aries, is part of this birthing of HeartMind in a fire/unconditional Love trine to Ceres at 5 Sagittarius as she lends her midwifery support to Venus and her birthing team.
I have to feel that the Taurean earth stellium of purification and power of Ultima Thule at 18 Capricorn (Beyond the known world),  Saturn at 20 Capricorn (manifesting Heaven on Earth), Arawn at 21 Capricorn (Bringer of the Light), Pluto at 23 Capricorn (the Phoenix building it’s new ascension body of rainbow light to fly away to the mythic “land of milk and honey”), and Chariklo at 24 Capricorn (Gentle, giving devoted service) are also attending this birth of the Aquarian HeartMind through their powerful earth trine to Sedna at 28 Taurus and Astraea at 30 Taurus. I gladly give a stellium a larger orb. There can be no question that Chariklo at 24 Capricorn has gathered the power of the Capricorn stellium and is joining this power stellium of Heaven on Earth in trine with Sedna and Astraea at the master Taurean degrees. The strong presence of the earth element at Venus’s birthing the HeartMind at 1 Gemini is the completion of the grounding of Aquarian manifestation into this realm. There is no doubt in my mind about the date when the Age of Aquarius is birthed onto this 3D planet.
Eric Francis associates Alcyone with the Star card in Tarot: “I think basically that what we have here is an image of a unified consciousness; a holos or integrated cosmos. The card is associated with Aquarius.” Origin stories tell of the presence of a great Star at the birth of Jesuah and other great master teachers, all of whom are archetypes of Master Consciousness of the HeartMind in human form in this world. Taking in this progression of energies at 1 Gemini in the Diamond Mind since May 20, 2012 to tonight’s birthing of our Aquarian HeartMind at 1 Gemini on June 8, 2019, we can see Alcyone as the bright Pleiadean Star over Venus as she brings forth the fully developed new Aquarian Diamond HeartMind. She – WE – are well attended. May we choose Love without limits and allow our star HeartMinds to shine forth through everything as we move through these times of birthing the Golden Age.
Sonreya with great Love

Uranus and Astraea

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Written by Pamela Chamberlynn


Uranus Astraea new cycle. Uranus went retrograde back on August 8, 2018 last year at the very same degree 3 Taurus where he now meets Astraea to start a new cycle. This feels VERY powerful in my heart! He just turned direct this past January 6, 2019. I also see that Uranus went retrograde at the degree he now meets Astraea on to start a new cycle on an “8” day both dates, August 8 and April 8, the number of transformation and ascension. This feels VERY powerful in my heart!

We need a new gender pronoun. Spirit tells me that all the planetary archetypes are wholing now. What are you picking up on this? Everything, everyone, is wholing. First, it begins as each individual chooses to forgive their fragmentation into duality within themselves and becomes whole – anima and animus; Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Inconjunctio; HeartMind. Then, whole beings join with whole beings. This reminds me of the Abraham-Hicks passage defining “Life Partners” (who are not just romantic or sexual partners): “When two beings, who are individually in vibrational harmony with their own Source Energy, come together – the physical experience of Co-Creation is at its very best.”  – Abraham-Hicks 10/06/1996.

The wholeness of Astraea – and the wholeness of Uranus – coming together inconjunctio also brings to mind conversations I have had with my Self and my guides and with spiritual friends who are wonderful people who would like to have a life partner and do not know why they do not have this partnership they FEEL in their hearts as something a great value to them. I know I withdrew from romantic partnerships back in my late forties just because I found them so painful and knew that I was too wounded myself to be very effective in one of them. I knew I needed to work deeply on myself. You can do that inside of or outside of a romantic partnership of course, perhaps more easily on your own than in an ego-driven romantic relationship. For me it was like “Just take your hand off the hot stove, Pam. There are easier ways to learn.”

It has been coming to me in the past few years that I am now whole (enough) to enter into a joyful, co-creative partnership in service to the world. That intuitive feeling is especially strong now that the world is in such massive transition and the call to maximize service is so poignant. I don’t need a partner. That’s one of the nice things about being whole (enough). I enjoy my own company and living alone. But boy is sacred partnership calling me this past year! It is not a call of need, lack, or wanting. There is no need in it at all – just a soft, sure calling to Love. It is a call from wholeness to join with wholeness, to co-create. We’ll see where that goes. Life partnerships can take many forms, not just romantic. Not by chance this Uranus Astaea new cycle is just inside my 7th house.

Spirit tells me that it is time now for the people who are wholing to join in wholeness with other wholing people and beings. I am hearing just now – “Two by two, they enter the Ark.” – and I know Spirit is not talking about a boat. All things in their time – Fragments of a healing soul come back together; two halves become whole; two wholes … Spirit is showing me the egg and sperm merging into Oneness in a spark of Light (that spark of light really does happen at the moment of conception when the sperm enters the egg! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovzGmRrtVys ) and then co-create a zygote. The zygote contains all of the genetic information necessary to form a new, unique individual. That new individual born from wholeness, and therefore itself whole now creates two more wholes that each in turn keep multiplying exponentially. All the wholes created from the original two wholes maintain their wholeness and integrity throughout the gestation of the new world, and yet they are also each unique. Like-minded whole individuals attract other like-minded whole individuals to share specific functions and purposes in co-creating a new world, just as the dividing cells of a human or animal fetus form specific organs and body parts that share a purpose to become a new baby. This is not fragmentation or any loss of whole Self. THIS IS WHOLING. Oneness and connection to the whole and every part of the whole are fully maintained as each wholeness individualizes into its unique expressions of its wholeness. Perhaps what is birthed is Christ consciousness; perhaps the second coming of Christ consciousness as each of us re-awaken to our God Christ Selves.  “When two beings, who are individually in vibrational harmony with their own Source Energy, come together – the physical experience of Co-Creation is at its very best.”

Doors Keys and Guardians

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An important message from Jan Finley

Came across this picture on FB today.  The imagery is very powerful for me and evokes The Secret Garden, one of my most favorites books and musicals.  The image of the door and a key has a huge place of honor in my awakening, so much so that I wore a gold key for years before it was fashionable.  I eventually gave the key to my daughter who performed in a lead role in the ballet of The Secret Garden, based on the Broadway show.  A few years later, she tragically lost it, along with the rest of her jewelry, in a robbery.  

I was devastated at the key’s loss but have come to see that the physical embodiment of the symbol had to be lost so that I would remember that that key was always within me, as was the door.  Many, many times in my life, I had faced a locked door and had to choose to unlock it.  As I stood before these doors, I have run the gamut of response from “I can’t” to “I won’t” to “I don’t deserve this”.   

Sometimes I have been afraid to unlock the door.  Sometimes I have unlocked the door and been unable (unwilling?) to enter.  Sometimes I have embraced the opening.  What I have discovered is that the Garden is always waiting.  It is always willing. It is always home.  The love, the Light, the welcome I have discovered inside the garden always awaits me, and yet each time I come to the door, it is a new permutation. I must face the door as if for the first time all over again.

In the midst of the absolute chaos and shadow running rampant in our physical world, I came to the door again today.  As I said, it appeared on Facebook, that mirror disguised as “social media”, the implication being that it involves “others”.  I spent the afternoon with a dear friend having lunch and watching “Moana”, a wonderful Disney movie that repeatedly asks the question “Who are you?”  

We had repeated interruptions as the dogs barked and asked to go out, the phones rang, and people came to the door.  Still and agin, we returned to the movie.  What I began to notice is that the interruptions came when Spirit revealed itself within the story.  I was being asked to pay attention, which was not easy as I was hostess and pet owner, dealing with my own little bit of chaos.

It wasn’t until after my friend left that I was able to really process what occurred and I began to see the part my doors played in this afternoon.  I welcomed friends inside, I let my dogs out to use the bathroom, I welcomed them back into the house.  It was an entirely different perspective from standing outside the door trying to to decide whether or not to open the door.

I came to see that I was already inside; that standing outside was no longer an option for me, and I began to apply that to the huge transmutation happening in our world.  The key has been used, the door is open, and we are inside.  The Garden is ours.  The new world is here.

This does not mean that all work ends here. On the contrary this is where the real work begins.  Clean up must begin. Any gardener knows that much work goes into preparing the Garden and restoring its Light. The job is often daunting and feels overwhelming, but it is critically necessary.  

And now I return to the question “Who am I?”  I am a Guardian of the Garden, in my own little corner of the world.  And I am also a Guardian in tandem and connection with all of you as we welcome the New/Old World into physical existence.

This is where we are.  We have arrived in the Garden but we must clear out the deadwood, weeds and brush. We must fertilize and nurture the tender growth. We must trust that our hard work and faith will bear abundant fruit.  Our Garden requires our absolute commitment and vigilance.  

It is hard to keep faith and hold the Light when each day brings dark news and our very world feels threatened.  And yet, this is the time we must hold most strongly to all that we know is true.  

We are not outside the door any longer.  The new world is here and it is our responsibility to clear away any Shadow and debris from the past that holds us back.  We are the Guardians. We are the Garden.  Let the blooming begin.