Saturn Neptune Cosmic Consciousness

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September 10, 2016


Amazing how everything clicks into place. Saturn and Neptune, with Antares and the Earth Star Chakra in tow, make their closing stepping stone, their last one, giving us the space to claim our authority once and for all, going past the illusions that threaten to confuse us if we are not paying attention. Illusion and deception are all around us; we must claim our own part in this shadow, and remember to love it and forgive it. We are meant to be here now, and all the chaos and discomfort is the result of many beginning to awaken and there are those who are afraid of that awakening. We must love and forgive them too; they are expressing the shadow. We are clearing karma for the planet. 
Mercury bridges Chiron, and we have access to unlimited healing of the Divine Masculine via the higher mind. Once we zoom into this in our Selves we can send it out into the world. It is no accident that Juno is conjoined with Black Moon Lilith at the Saturn/Neptune stepping stone: our unity consciousness is connecting in a new cycle with our Divine Feminine even while we are healing our Divine Masculine. How perfect it all is!
I'm blown away by what the cosmos reflects about us. 

Bridges and Wisdom Crossroad Cosmic Consciousness

Shelly Leal Cosmic Consciousness Articles

Thursday, June 16, 2016

We are going through so many changes now, both inner and outer. The moon’s nodes, connecting us to our higher Selves, moving clockwise towards Source, are part of the Wisdom Cross. They are also forming aspects with Pluto, underscoring the transformative nature of our collective consciousness. Pluto forms a resourceful connection with the Earth Star (S. Node) as our higher Selves rewrite the script, shaking loose and bringing to the surface old ideas and beliefs that no longer serve and must be revised or eliminated. It forms a manifestation (trine) with the Soul Star (N. Node); aren’t we in fact manifesting right now a new world out of the ashes of the old?

On the bridge between Love and fear, where most of the news is so negative, it took another major shocking event (Uranus/Eris) to reveal how much Love there really is in the world. It’s always been there, but you never see it in what passes for news. Ixion in Sagittarius makes a manifestation with Uranus/Eris in Aries: it is our collective Soul purpose to speed up our evolution through disruption acted out by a few, reflecting where we are out of alignment/integrity. This brings fear (anger, hate) starkly to the forefront, awakening many to the realization that this cannot go on any longer, giving us all the choice to choose a more loving perspective and act upon it. You can see this stark polarity of the Love/fear bridge, the resistance of elected leaders to remove obstacles, verses the free and open outpouring of Love through raising money, giving blood, speaking out, standing together. If we find we’re on the fear side of the bridge, all we need to do is recenter through our hearts and we will find ourselves on the Love side.  The Venus/Quaoar bridge brings multidimensionality in new ways of thinking and experiencing Love. In Cosmic Consciousness, Love is everywhere.

Haumea (unity, respecting all the parts) in Libra (you are me) forms a bridge with Ceres (midwifing, nurturing) in Aries (creative spark), underscoring that we really are One and that this volatility and disruption is necessary for birthing the new world. At the highest levels, although it certainly doesn’t feel like it, all is well. And how about the new cycle of Black Moon Lilith and Juno in Libra? We are mastering the deep lessons of reuniting the Divine Feminine into our unity consciousness.  It is all perfect.


Sedna Cosmic Consciousness

Shelly Leal Cosmic Consciousness Articles

Friday, May 20, 2016

As the Sun enters Gemini, Venus begins a new cycle with Sedna.  Venus is the classic ruler of Libra, representing beauty, Love and balance in relationships; always looking outside itself.  In Cosmic Consciousness Sedna is the ruler, and Libra represents the Mirrored Self, the deeper, highest realization that relationships are a mirror, showing us what we don’t/can’t see in our Selves, helping us understand that Self/other are really One = Source. Venus and Sedna are both at 26 Taurus (Venus’ sign!); we ground ourselves through opening our hearts and working to focus on our inner guidance. Sedna is the outermost planet in our consciousness, and holds all wisdom of the Universe; as we grow and ascend in consciousness we will be able to access her more.


Stephanie has said, “Sedna is the archetype of association with the reunification of the Divine Feminine, the same Divine Feminine that carries all the wisdom of the ages, and reflects the Divine wisdom held within the invisible realm.” This conjunction with Venus represents our own personal connection with the Divine Feminine, and to the extent that we can fully open our hearts and consciously come from a loving place, we connect to the vast energies of Love and wisdom of the Divine Feminine that Sedna holds for us. That it takes place in the Sagittarius 11 o'clock hour is an indicator of just how much it is needed now. We must diligently align ourselves by surrendering to Love and allowing it to flow freely from us.


As if to underscore this point, Mercury forms a Great Eliminator with Saturn (with Saturn in the Taurus hour. Have you noticed the Sagittarius planets in the Taurus hour and the Taurus planets in the Sagittarius hour?). We are responsible for what we put out, and we make the decision to be mindful of our thoughts and the way we communicate to reflect the Love we wish to be and see in the world. Today we access our Inner Guru to use our newly acquired mental capacities to align with our hearts and the highest untapped energies available to us.


Mercury Transit Cosmic Consciousness

Shelly Leal Cosmic Consciousness Articles

Thursday, May 12, 2016

On Monday, May 9, retrograde Mercury passed in front of the Sun, looking like a tiny black dot. On that day Mercury connected to the nodes in an exact resource with Earth Star Chakra (South Node) and an exact manifestation with the Soul Star Chakra (North Node). With our newly upgraded mental systems, we were given the resources to change the way we think and communicate, manifesting this outwardly in how we speak to ourselves and others, how we share knowledge in writing. Apparently it was time to shine a light on some new information, because the following day, NASA gave a press conference (May 10) announcing the discovery and verification of 1,284 new worlds-including 9 Earth-like planets- by the Kepler space telescope (…and Hillary Clinton announced that she would open classified materials about Area 51, the remote Air Force base in Nevada believed by some to be a secret hub where the government stores classified information about aliens and U.F.O.s

(  I also saw a scientist on Chris Matthew’s show say that for us to believe that we are “the only game in town” (i.e., the only planet with life on it) is unthinkable. He said it on TV! That is a lot of manifestation! (I might as well add the fact that I saw a news ticker mentioning this discovery on May 3, number of manifestation, as I was leaving the theater after seeing “Bright Star”….you really can’t make this up!)


In addition to today’s Mercury/Pluto manifestation, which surely must include integration of how vast our Universe truly is, the Sun shines a light on the Uranus-Eris/Haumea bridge and forms a Great Eliminator with Haumea. If we choose to take the higher perspective, we will see that we are not alone in the Universe, and rather than be afraid, we can decide to find that comforting. It will require a change (disruption) in how we perceive the cosmos and our place in it. With each new bit of information, we are given the opportunity to transmute our old paradigms into something new and more harmonious. Haumea shows us how each part of the zodiac (our Selves, really) reinforces the transmutation of our consciousness. Awe-some!